How does "Ads for Good" work?

  1. Business owners pay us to run their ads
  2. You allow ads in your place or on your vehicle
  3. Businesses pay us, we reward you & donate 5% to charity
  4. Win, win, win!

Business Owners

Our "Ads for Good" program has for mission to turn advertising into an engine for engine that gives back to society. We help you make money by tranforming your restaurant tables, building lobbies, elevator doors, business windows, smartphones, iPads, tablet computers, laptops, desktop computers and flatscreen TVs into dedicated money-making displays. We split ad campaign profits 60/40 with you, and give 5% to charity. Our ad buying system does this automatically Everybody wins! For example if you accepted an ad campaign to appear on one of our freely installed "Ads for Good" TVs that pays $100/month you would make $40 and we would donate $5 to charity. The idea is for ads to help your brand grow as well as charities, acts of good. All of this just by signing up. Are there businesses out there willing to advertise in your business? We think so. From real estate agents to handymen and landscapers, to Burger King, Walmart, Insurance companies, Costco and Colgate there are many opportunities waiting to knock on your door...and whatever happens it's a win for all!

Individuals and Households

Our "Ads for Good" program is there for you too. We help you make money by tranforming your home windows, smartphones, iPads, tablet computers, laptops, desktop computers into dedicated money-making displays. We split 5% our total ad campaign profits amongst all members. Everybody wins. All of this with very little effort -just sign-up. Are there businesses out there willing to advertise in your home or on your PC screensaver? We think so, have you seen the number of flyers they currently distribute to your doorsteps? It's a win for you, a win for all!

Member rewards are sent via PayPal or Interac e-Transfer every quarter, that is January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st of every year. If you don't have a PayPal account please create one now. Interac e-Transfers don't require Paypal accounts just a valid email address. Make sure that the email you entered at signup is accurate (no typos) as it is the one we will be sending the money to.

Can't find the specific business you want to advertise in here?

Print our "Ads for Good" Display Catalogue and invite the owner to sign-up. They will benefit because "Ads for Good" will split all ad profits 60/40 with them. They win, you win!

How much does it cost?

Home/Business Owners

Absolutely nothing provided you already have a SmartPhone (minimum 4 inches long), an iPad, a recent Tablet computer, a computer (minimum 24 inch screen) or a WiFi enabled flat screen TV. If you do not, you can purchase one through us ($250).


That's entirely up to you! Campaigns in adsiNthacity start as low $5 per month, and increases in price as you add more locations.

How do I register?

Home/Business Owners

You can register on this site by clicking the following "Add your home" or "Add your business" links or the buttons above.

How do I start a campaign?

Click on Add your campaign to create a new campaign. Add a photo or a logo and as many pictures or examples of your Campaign for Home/Business Owners to judge, evaluate. Then click the appropriate "Find..." button above and click on the home or business that you would like to advertise in. Give us 4 days to get everything up and running. That's it!

Why is there a 4 business-day delay for my campaign to start?

We need four days to properly vet and schedule your ad - this includes making sure there aren't any problems with the material and the availability of the location with regards to your business category.

How do I create an Ad?

You can click on Design an ad above or have one of our in-house designers create an ad for you ($40) after a consultation.

Can I use my own designs?

Of course you can.

Can I submit a video?

At this time, adsiNthacity only supports static advertising materials. Video submissions are a feature we hope to add in the near future.

How do I work with a Design Specialist?

Fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you within 3 business days.

How do I pay?

We accept payment through PayPal. PayPal works with all major credit cards and banking institutions.

Concerns? Questions? Problems? Contact us!