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Our "signal" is strong. Our mission is good. We broadcast advertising for good 24/7 everywhere.
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adsforgoodtv.iNthacity is an exciting new live 24/7 feed/stream of clever advertising that rewards it's members for watching. This feed is incorporated into screensavers that you can download and a site that you can access using any device that delivers ads on your screen and reward you just for watching them. The payments are called "rewards.iNthacity" and are paid out quarterly when you sign-up. Our technology basically turns your computer screensaver or any screen into a digital billboard capable of showing ads that pay and sponsor random acts of kindness every day.

Yes, in addition, to having an ad platform on every screen in the city, you'll be helping charities. We give 5% of our advertising profits to charity and another 5% to our members. We are the only startup that actually gives 10% back to society.

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There are 2 adsforgoodtv.iNthacity services:

adsforgoodtv.iNthacity Screensaver
How does it work?
Colgate Mouthwash Ad
adsforgoodtv.iNthacity Web
How does it work?
Colgate Mouthwash Ad

How does it work?

Click the channel for your city (above), bookmark it and you?ll see ads/deals.
Change the channel if you are interested in specific ad/deal categories.
Whatever you do, you get paid and we donate to charity!
Why? Because your screen is prime advertising real estate.
And you own it!