Digital Marketing meets Personal Life & Development

Digital Marketing meets Personal Development

Welcome to blog.iNthacity, where we help folks who want to become better entrepreneurs and better people, all the while helping the poor via our “Ads for Good” program.   We believe the two are mutually inclusive and will tackle what in means in our opinion. 

Digital Marketing

Becoming a better entrepreneur or a business person requires understanding what digital marketing is, what it means, how to master it and how it affects your ability to sell, to earn revenue, grow your income.   

Personal Development 

Becoming a better person requires understanding what different love and interpersonal languages are in order to improve all relationships and surprisingly enough (not so l0l) our ability to nurture and grow ourselves and our loved ones. 

Challenge Accepted

This is the challenge iNthacity has set for itself and that we try to address with all of our tools and websites -for good.  Please stay tuned as we publish more articles in this section about Digital Marketing and Personal Development Tools.

iNthacity Webteam