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A Friend of the Family's Jake Lacy and More Amazing True Crime TV Transformations

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Jake Lacy, A Friend of the Family

These TV transformation are scarily good. Shows based on true crimes …more

Holidays at Home Amazing Printable Bundle

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The Holidays at home bundle

Once summer ends, the holidays seem to approach crazy fast. …more

My amazing Svalbard camping trip, where temperatures plunge to -25C and polar bears out...

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MailOnline Travel’s Sadie Whitelocks travelled to the Norwegian archipelago of …more

How To Transform Your Backyard Into An Amazing Oasis

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Backyard oasis with a swimming pool inside a private residential

Everyone loves spending time outside to relax, enjoy the fresh …more

5 Simple Shortcuts for AMAZING Photos NOW (VIDEO)

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Ron Leach

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Shutterbug readers know their way around a camera …more

'An amazing ambassador': Saskatoon zoo bids farewell to Buddy the grey wolf

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Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo has euthanized its last …more

26 Travel Items From Target That'll Make Traveling With Kids A Bit Easier

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Planes, trains, and automobiles…here are some amazing products that will …more

Roxy Music on reuniting, Brian Eno and those Glastonbury 2023 rumours

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Andrew Trendell

Roxy Music
Roxy Music. CREDIT: Matthew Becker

NME: Hello Phil! So, 50 years is an obvious anniversary for a tour, but how long had you actually been planning it all?

Manzanera: “Virtually no time at all. I went round to Bryan’s place for a cup of tea last Christmas and he said: ‘Shall we do some gigs?’ I told him: ‘So long as you really want to do this, I’m up for it.’ I rang Andy, then Paul, and here we are. It’s the 50th anniversary, what else are we going to do? At our age, some people do sudoku, but we fiddle around rehearsing Roxy tracks.”

How hard is it condensing eight albums into a 105-minute setlist?

“You can only play a maximum of 20 songs before people start losing the will to live. Then you have to look at the difference between the first Roxy album and [1982 album] ‘Avalon’. How Roxy went from one style to another is another conversation, but there’s a great expression in Spanish that means: ‘A journey without any destination.’ That was Roxy’s thing, and you have to balance all of that in the show.”

How challenging is it to work out how to play songs you wrote in your 20s, now you’re in your 70s?

“We don’t want to do a Bob Dylan, where people sit there thinking: ‘What song is this?’ until he gets to the chorus and you go: ‘Oh, it’s that one!’ As a punter, I don’t want that experience. I want to hear the musicianship, but really I want to hear the songs as they are on the record.

“I have had to relearn what to play, and I listen back to early songs like ‘ReMake/ReModel’ and think: ‘How was I allowed to play that guitar part? It’s just bonkers!’ I listen to my 21-year-old self and think: ‘The nerve of that guy! I’m meant to serve the song, but I’m playing all over Brian Eno.’”

Was there any chance Brian Eno could have been involved in this tour?

“We love Brian to bits and I still communicate with him a lot, but Brian said from the beginning that he was a small, independent mobile unit, to which I added, ‘From the planet Zog.’ Brian is an amazing, unique person who wasn’t designed to be in a band. He finds it terribly awkward, so one is hesitant to say: ‘Fancy going on tour?’

“Wouldn’t it be great if Brian came on for a few numbers at a show? In a dreamworld, that’d be perfect. But Brian just isn’t that kind of guy and it’s not going to happen.”

What has the experience been like of having

Roxy Music legend Phil Manzanera has spoken to NME …more

How to Delete Local Git Branch

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Team LHB

How to Delete Local Git Branch

Git is an amazing version control tool. It allows you …more

Roger Federer classy in defeat, sends congratulatory message to Team World

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Tennis World USA

Roger Federer congratulated Team World on “an amazing comeback” over …more

(Sponsor) 20 Years of Great Software from Rogue Amoeba

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Six Colors Staff


Since 2002, Rogue Amoeba has been making amazing audio apps …more

Ryder Cup, decisive crossroads for its future

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Tennis World USA

Between the closure of an amazing Italian Open, which featured …more

WATCH: Steelers' George Pickens Makes Incredible One-Handed Catch

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Mike Gavin

Pittsburgh Steelers rookie wide receiver made an amazing one-handed catch …more

Pennsylvania mother, 3 young children killed in farmhouse fire

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Jami Ganz

Elizabeth Seltzer is being remembered as ‘an amazing human being.’