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Jules Wang

Mediaphiles have had years to cope with the imminent demise …more

Jules Wang

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision which overturned …more

Jules Wang

Chris Lacy, developer of go-to Android home screen replacement (Jennifer Locke)

PlayStation Plus Premium marks a paradigm shift for Sony, but …more

Zohaib Ahmed

It’s up for debate whether YouTube Music suggests better songs …more (Jerry Hildenbrand)

An Android phone without Google is not only possible, but …more

Zohaib Ahmed

If you are a long-time OnePlus user, then there’s a …more

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Jim Metzendorf

The iMore show brings you everything you need to …more

Allison McDaniel

Sold at Apple Stores, the HidrateSpark PRO STEEL is …more

Space Gray Mac mini

After months–if not years–of fevered theorizing over Apple’s chip roadmap …more

José Adorno

Gentler Streak wants to bring compassion to your fitness goals. …more

Hamlin Rozario Do you own a newer model LG TV from 2018 …more

Bryan M Wolfe

If you’re looking for the best monitor to go with …more

José Adorno

A report by The Wall Street Journal shows that four …more

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2022 Ram TRX review

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Trent Nikolic

When it comes to the …more

James Ward

Nissan Juke Ti Energy Orange long-term update 4: Farewell

The Land Rover Defender 110 weighs 2,000 more than the …more

Emma Notarfrancesco

Millions of dollars worth of …more

This Ford Maverick Hybrid averaged 34mpg while climbing a 6% …more

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Charlotte Seet

Despite a rapid recovery from the growing passenger demand, a …more

Mark Finlay

In 1988 the Mulhouse Flying Club had requested Air …more

Daniel Martínez Garbuno

This week, the Tocumen International Airport (PTY) inaugurated its …more

Michael Doran

Since its proposed merger with Frontier Airlines was announced in …more

Daniel Martínez Garbuno

The airline industry in the Latin America and the Caribbean …more

Patricia Green

On short-haul flights, it’s usually a busy time in …more

Riley Pickett

Throughout June, July, and August, Jet2holidays is offering free …more


John Higginson

Image: Boat International

David Beckham has expanded his acting credits with …more

Rachael Steele

Luxury charter yacht DUNIA BARU

The desirable 51m/167.4ft sailing yacht DUNIA BARU has had …more

Jeremy Yip

Image: Sunseeker

There’s a classic Maxell cassette ad from the 1980s …more

Toby Heppell

The SuMoth Challenge is a unique design competition for …more

Sally Gardner-Cochran

Motor sailer yacht AIAXAIA available in Croatia

One last gap in July remains available for the …more

Extraordinary boats: Stormvogel

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Nic Compton

Stormvogel is known as the ‘original’ Maxi, the first …more

Rachael Steele

Lemanja yacht being launched onto the water

Bering Yachts has successfully launched the 23.95m/78.6ft pocket …more


Alex Jaffe

Sapphic Planet: The Many Loves of DC's Bombshells

Sapphic Planet: The Many Loves of DC’s Bombshells


Is Black Adam Irredeemable?

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Alex Jaffe

Is Black Adam Irredeemable?

Is Black Adam Irredeemable?


Tim Beedle

Parenting Advice from Ma Kent...and Mongul?

Parenting Advice from Ma Kent…and Mongul?


Joshua Lapin-Bertone

How Playing Roblox Helped Me Appreciate the Legacy of George Pérez

How Playing Roblox Helped Me Appreciate the Legacy of …more

The Pride of Batwoman

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Joshua Lapin-Bertone

The Pride of Batwoman

The Pride of Batwoman


Superheroes and Real Heroes

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Reginald Hudlin

Superheroes and Real Heroes

Superheroes and Real Heroes


Kelly Knox

Crush & Lobo and the Chance for Change

Crush & Lobo and the Chance for Change



Marisa Petrarca

The Fourth of July may still feel far away, but …more


When it comes to decorating your home, there are many …more

Catherine Hong

Having undergone a refresh at the hands of AD100 designer …more

Louise O’Bryan

If you thought making design decisions for your interiors was …more

Working on a Saturday

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It’s like I say week in week out. If you …more


In this week’s radio show, some good news on the …more


XCover Go Team

Persuading a customer to make a purchase is like making …more

Pablo Gallaga

Technological advances, a fading pandemic and returning confidence in the …more

Richard Lazazzera

For most ecommerce entrepreneurs, Shopify will always be the best …more

Haylee Reed

Needless to say, ecommerce is an industry of endless change.  …more

Haylee Reed

You’ve created a brilliant product, launched your ecommerce business and …more

If you’re looking to make a quick buck on a …more

Haylee Reed

Summertime is here, and what better way to kick off …more


Thomas Bush

California’s largest reservoirs are at critically low levels, and summer …more

Jackie Manno

Jennifer Garner and her son Samuel were seen in athletic …more

Dyke March NYC 2022 in pictures

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Amanda Hatfield

2022’s theme was Dykes for Trans Liberation, and following the …more

What’s Going on Sunday?

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BrooklynVegan Staff

Sunday’s NYC-area shows include Sheer Mag, Purity Ring, RX Bandits, …more



Ian Lewis

Last week Joonas from released some info on Twitter …more

Scharon Harding

Magnifying the differences, similarities, pros, and cons.

Enlarge / Magnifying the differences, …more

Gary Mortimer

Nordic Unmanned is enforcing a patent they hold on coaxial …more (Lance Ulanoff)

It’s no secret that the anticipated AirPods Pro 2 …more





Wesley Reyneke

Road Tested: Gear from Icon 1000 and Malle London

Our team reviews understated jackets from Icon 1000 and Malle …more

Byron Wilson

Honda’s 2023 CRF450R 50th Anniversary Edition will be available starting this September.

Honda’s 2023 CRF450R 50th Anniversary Edition will be available starting …more

Best Motorcycles for Taller Riders

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Serena McKnight

The F 900 XR provides both a high seat and low seat option to adjust the seat height to rider preferences.

“Wow, I always forget how tall you are!”

I can’t help …more

Wesley Reyneke

Custom Yamaha RD400 by Smyth Innovations

Nothing screams “it’s the weekend” quite like a

2022 Yamaha YZF-R3

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The YZF-R3 is Yamaha’s fully-faired entry-level sportbike and is inspired by its larger supersports.

The YZF-R3 is Yamaha’s fully-faired entry-level sportbike and is inspired …more

John Burns

Have I at long last, no sense of decency? Road …more


Aaron Tolentino

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) — A man was arrested Saturday …more

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband Cooke Maroney went to look …more

University of California, Santa Barbara

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1309

A Tenacious Star Validates a Revised Model of Supernovae A …more

Donald Trump held a rally in Illinois on Saturday night …more

A biosecurity zone put in place last week at the Port …more

Ken Gray

  Like so many people in Ottawa, your agent will …more

Kevin Schofield

Boris Johnson speaks at a press conference during the Commonwealth …more


FOTD – June 26 – Chrysanthemum

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Cee Neuner

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD).  During …more

Amanda Padgett

Lightroom & Photoshop Facebook Group

What is Lightroom Sync?

Once you have edited an image and …more

More Trip Planning

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Stu Davidson

Daily Photo – More Trip Planning

This image is from …more


Gender: Towards An Islamic Paradigm

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Shaykh Furhan Zubairi

The modern era is a period of significant development in …more

Ismail Royer

We live in a time of great cultural, economic, …more

Rebecca Epstein-Levi

Days before the Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade …more

Sohair Omar

Editorial Note: The following reflects the opinions of the author …more

Chrissy Stroop

The two Christian schools at the center of Carson v. …more

Bradley Onishi

Most of us don’t want to grow up to be …more



Brian Frederick

Google quietly announced it will now crawl the first 15 …more

Miranda Miller

Ahrefs analyzed close to 9 billion clicks across over 146,000 …more

Loren Baker

Think a 4-day work week is impossible for your marketing …more

Brian Frederick

Shopify has released its Summer ’22 Edition, adding more than …more

Koray Tugberk Gubur

Familiar with both JavaScript and Python? Learn more about how …more

Alex Macura

Save more resources by automating media buy and personalizing ad …more

Lisa Buyer

As SEO evolves, so does our terminology. Here are 20+ …more


Monisha Ravisetti

The agency’s latest progress update has to do with JWST’s …more

Sean Keane

Spoiler-free book review: Author Adam Christopher sends Luke Skywalker and …more

Kim Wong-Shing

Abortion access affects everyone, including men and nonbinary, trans and …more

Jennifer Bisset

Find a huge range of superb sci-fi series on Netflix. …more

Tim Stevens

No street car, this thing is only for the track. …more

Meara Isenberg

A new documentary about the Chernobyl disaster is streaming now. …more

Taylor Leamey

CPAP machines are the standard treatment for sleep apnea, though …more


Prince Rohit Sharma replacement: Team India skipper Rohit Sharma might miss …more

Tennis World USA

Record 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal says his foot …more

Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb

Warning: Video contains coarse language

Philadelphia Phillies star

Tennis World USA

In Munich, even in the second round of the BMW …more

Karthik Nair

Venkatesh Iyer

Venkatesh Iyer (Photo source: Twitter)

India had a forgettable T20 World …more

Prince Team India wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant ignored the instruction and posed …more


Nvidia’s purportedly incoming GeForce GTX 1630, a graphics card …more

Softpedia News (Bogdan Popa, Microsoft News Editor)

Microsoft has recently killed off Internet Explorer, telling users to …more

Softpedia News (Bogdan Popa, Microsoft News Editor)

Microsoft’s most recent Windows 11 cumulative update, which is available …more

Ben Dickson

The past month has seen a frenzy of articles, interviews, …more

This year’s Wimbledon tennis championships are set to be the …more


Harry Potter is one major cash cow for tourism in …more

Emma Marie Camping is fun but camping with your soul mate is …more

Emma Marie There is no doubt camping is a great way to …more

From long road trips with kiddos to boring flights to …more

Emma Marie If you’re a heavy person, then it’s important to choose …more

Travel to Havana, Cuba – Episode 806

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Chris Christensen

Hear about travel to Havana Cuba as the Amateur Traveler …more

ThePlanetD Team

things to do in denver colorado

Colorado is full of fantastic cities to visit. From Colorado …more