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Advertising on news.iNthacity makes sense. It’s good for the bottom line and good for the soul. That’s what happens when you combine great style and design with great news and topic coverage with a little giving back to society. We are the only news media site that gives 10% back. 5% back to our ads.iNthacity users and another 5% to local charities.

Our users are motivated and loyal because we help them and others out. We appreciate and cherish them for making us their top destination and we get that love back 10 fold. In addition, news.iNthacity engages readers and offers advertisers and marketers the best in terms of brand visibility using our popular and very stylish “ad tiles”.

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$orderid = crypt(uniqid(rand(),1));
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$rowcharity = mysql_fetch_array($charities);
$chosen_charity = $rowcharity[‘paypal’];

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