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Toby Heppell

Sebago Men’s Sloop Boat Shoes

£133.30 £52.99 at Amazon

As with Sperry, above, Sebago are on of those brands which offer deckies a cut above the rest. These are simply a bargain. If you’ve not bought a decent pair of Sebago’s before because you were put off by the price, give them a try now – fair warning though, you might never go back…

City Oceans Exploration Ship

£124.99 £70.99 at Amazon

I may not be a parent, but if my many nieces and nephews are anything to go by then Lego is always going to be popular. So too are boats and boaty things. Thus combining the two has got to be a guaranteed win.

Invoxia Mini waterproof GPS Tracker

£129.00 £103.20 at Amazon

First off, to be clear, this is not any sort of safety or MOB device, so don’t buy it thinking it would do that job. This is more of a tracker for your boat keys, house keys, mobile phone etc. but with the benefit that it is waterproof. It does pretty much what it says on the tin, allowing you to track the device (and thus whatever you attached it to) from your smartphone.

Helly Hansen Women Lifaloft Lightweight Insulator Full Zip Jacket

£170.00 £93.44 at Amazon

If you’re a boating person (sailor or poweboater) then you are likely familiar with Helly Hansen. Their products are great bits of technologically advanced sailing kit. This is our pick of the bunch in terms of Prime Day. It’s a great, lightweight insulated jacket, perfect as a mid-layer in winter or your outer jacket in spring – see our round-up of all the best Helly Hansen deals to see more.

Cressi Castoro Man Monopiece Wetsuit 5 mm

£179.99 £106.91 at Amazon

This 5mm wetsuit will keep you warm year-round should you be planning on getting into the water outside the height of summer. It’s flexible in all the right places and if you are going to be getting in the water in really cold weather, can be purchased with an optional attachable hood.

Bluefin SUP Voyage 10’10 Package with Cooler Box

£599.00 £498.00 at Amazon

If you want to get into stand up paddleboarding and dream of sunny days paddling up a river for a tranquil picnic, then you could do a lot worse than this SUP set, complete with cooler box, fishing rod mounts, storage bag, decent pump etc.

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Toby Heppell

In a statement released by Emirates Team New Zealand on Tuesday 16 June, they did not rule out holding the next event on their home waters, but also state they are now looking at other options.

The statement reads:

Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (RNZYS) and the Government, along with Auckland Council, have concluded exclusive discussions regarding funding for the next America’s Cup (AC37)…

During the three-month exclusive negotiating period between New Zealand agencies and ETNZ, they have not been able to reach a conclusion that works for all parties. All three parties have worked through these discussions with the best of intentions to see the AC37 hosted in Auckland, and they have not been able to reach agreement by the expiration of the exclusive period.

Emirates Team New Zealand will now commence discussions with other nations to look into options regarding hosting AC37 events.

“By all means, the end of the exclusive negotiation period does not eliminate all possibility of the event or an event being hosted in New Zealand. If resources enable an event in New Zealand we will remain open to it. But, we must explore other opportunities to ensure we can put up another successful defence. No matter where in the world we are, we will always be Team New Zealand. Our priority has always been to keep and defend the America’s Cup successfully. We certainly want to explore holding a regatta in Auckland and along with discussing the venue for AC37 with other nations, would like to work through that opportunity also”, said Grant Dalton.

There are certainly options on the table. One such, which has been mooted, would be to hold the event in the UK, the home waters of