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Image: Amplitude.

For a free-trial app, marketers might not even know if a customer that was driven there and downloaded it has dropped from the app, Greco said. Therefore, the marketing and product teams need to come together. The best way to unite is around relevant data and insights in the app or other digital product.

Important metrics and behaviors for product analytics

Every click, every signal. Within the app or digital product, customers are telling brands important things about why they’re in the product and what they want to accomplish there.

“What is it that they’re interested in?” Greco asked. “What’s important to them? How engaged are they? If you as a marketer aren’t considering this to be part of the customer experience, then you are missing out.”

He added, “You need to be able to collect all of this data and merge it with all of the information about how you found the customer and so on.”

Image: Amplitude

Customer lifetime value. A major goal from the product analytics that marketers and product teams should unite around is customer lifetime value. This means looking at valuable signals instead of vanity metrics.

“In the old days, we would focus on things like unique visitors and visits,” said Greco. “But we really need to start thinking about new measurements and going further down in the customer experience to engagement, retention, customer lifetime value, repeat purchases and loyalty.”

Digital experience. “More and more we’re learning that the experience that people have in our digital products is actually more important than how you find them,” Greco said.

By keeping an eye on insights from product analytics, marketing teams can identify the best metrics for growing long-term customer relationships. They can also help product teams pinpoint ways to improve experience within the digital product.

Each side helps the other out, united in delivering a better experience for valued customers.

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