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Sarah Israel

Starbucks Instagram user-generated content

There’s nothing more convincing than a friend’s endorsement — especially on social media. That’s why a social media advocacy program …more

Gaurav Saran

Amidst varying themes of the upcoming winter season, an unexpected and adverse development has occurred regarding holiday spending: consumers are …more

Bagrat Safaryan

Flexibility, hyperpersonalization, and convenience are the retail buzzwords on everyone’s lips. In just five months, e-grocery experienced five years of …more

Lori O’Neal

Talks of an impending recession have brands scrutinizing marketing costs more diligently. Retailers are also seeking ways to bolster the …more

Colleen Christison

Have you ever been so excited to receive an online order, only to open up the delivery to find a …more

Joe Keenan

In episode 376 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Stacia Andersen, chief customer officer at PetSmart. In the …more

Michelle Martin

r/Memes the original since 2008

Reddit isn’t often mentioned alongside the “big” social networks, though it’s one of the most influential. It boasts 420 million …more

Vast vs specific

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Seth Godin

Try to fit in every general and conceptual detail when describing a very big concept and it’s likely that we’ll …more

4 D Chess

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Seth Godin

Perhaps that super-genius is playing a very well-thought-out long game, anticipating every countermove with plenty of resources and alternatives at …more

Seth Godin

If you see a set of rules that don’t make sense, that are overly stern, that seemed designed to be …more

Joe Keenan

Shoppers were expected to turn out in record numbers to shop for Black Friday deals, particularly as concerns of COVID-19 …more

Joe Keenan

Consumers spent a record $5.29 billion on Thanksgiving Day, per Adobe Analytics data, up 2.9 percent year-over-year (YoY). Shoppers were enticed by big discounts …more

Seth Godin

One can refuse to pay bills, bully employees, steal credit, work the refs and look for shortcuts…

or pay bills ahead …more

An antidote

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Seth Godin

Gratitude might be the way forward.

So much of what ails us gets a bit better when we say ‘thank you.’

Even …more

Stacey McLachlan

Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix Snapchat AR experience

Social media campaigns are the rocket fuel of your marketing efforts: a concentrated burst of energy that pays off in …more

Claire Beveridge

best times to post heatmap in Hootsuite for Instagram engagement

Social media optimization (SMO) helps business owners, content creators and social media marketers get the most out of their social …more

Laura Wong

Have you ever dreamed about becoming an influencer and getting paid to create social media content without needing a big …more

Brendan McConnell

Weekly Online Shopping Activities

Social media and ecommerce are two peas in a pod. Ecommerce marketers are using social platforms to build brand awareness, …more

Katie Sehl

engagement rate calculator example

Engagement rates are the currency of the social media marketing industry.

Sure, vanity metrics like followers and impressions count for something. …more

Kristina Stidham

In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail’s Joe Keenan and Kristina Stidham share insights from the recently released …more

Joe Keenan

A federal judge has ordered Amazon.com to stop retaliating against employees engaged in workplace activism, issuing a mixed ruling that …more

Sarah Chadwick

A couple of years ago, retail store shelves were mostly empty. Today, as manufacturers, we face a much different problem: …more

Jason Streiff

With prolonged inflation, hiked interest rates, and an economic downturn, it’s no wonder consumers are feeling an increased amount of stress when …more

Rodney Mason

Consumers and retailers alike are prepping for the holiday season. And this holiday season, retailers need to stay nimble and …more

Claire Beveridge

Twitter trending topics NBA holidays

What do NASA, United Airlines, and Wendy’s have in common?

These brands all leverage the power of Twitter marketing to grow …more