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Alexis Damen

Virtual shopping bridges the gap between online and in-store, bringing …more

Melissa Campanelli

Kohl’s Corp. confirmed yesterday that it has received letters expressing …more

Christina Newberry

eMarketer's study of how US internet users feel about brands using their data for marketing purposes

One of social media’s greatest advantages for marketers is the …more

Michael Jaszczyk

As frictionless commerce continues to grow in popularity, retailers are …more

Monica Eaton-Cardone

Digital fraud is growing year-over-year and, more worryingly, it’s also …more

Seth Godin

Why do bikes stay stable when you ride them (and …more

Seth Godin

Alert readers of my last two posts have probably guessed …more

Seth Godin

When things go wrong, is your instinct to hide in …more

Pat Farrell

Retailers aren't just competing with other DTC brands – they're …more

Seth Godin

Would you rather write the script, read the script, watch …more

Joe Keenan

The first Amazon Style store, located in the Los Angeles …more

Kristina Stidham

In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail’s Joe …more

Zohar Gilad

In the fast-paced, highly competitive e-commerce world, delighting shoppers, boosting …more

Alyssa Hirose

VSCO presets

Capturing that perfect gram-worthy pic is an art, but some …more

Seth Godin

Why are we more likely to take off our masks …more