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Carolyn Collins Petersen

There’s a little galaxy in the Milky Way’s cosmic neighborhood called Leo 1. It’s a dwarf spheroidal that lies less …more

Michelle Starr


Cuttlefish show incredible learning and restraint. …more

Sandra Erwin

The U.S. Space Force announced Nov. 28 it delivered the second and final military communications payloads that will launch in …more

Hurry to the checkout, with only a few hours left to get 40% off the WaterPik Cordless Water Flosser for …more

Sandra Erwin

The U.S. Space Systems Command announced Nov. 28 that two satellite designs — one by Millennium Space Systems and the …more

What a tangled web we weave. When it comes to the impact of the climate crisis on marine food webs, …more

In the lake-rich regions of the world, algae blooms are a growing problem. Not only are the floating green scums …more

Amazon has knocked hundreds of dollars off the Fenix 6X Pro Solar for Cyber Monday. But hurry, this offer will …more

A clinical trial finds that the anticoagulant apixaban, which has been prescribed to help COVID-19 patients recover, is ineffective and …more

UCLA researchers and their colleagues have discovered a new physics principle governing how heat transfers through materials, and the finding …more

Methane (CH4), the chief constituent of natural gas, is one of the most widely used “clean” fuels. Although methane is …more

Evan Gough

The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams is a linear accelerator shaped like a paper clip. The powerful accelerator propels atoms to speeds greater than 50% of the speed of light. Image Credit: FRIB/MSU.

A new particle accelerator at Michigan State University is producing long-awaited results. It’s called the Facility for Rare Isotope …more

Newborn twins grew from embryos that had been frozen for 30 years. …more

Matthew L. Miller

Six new books for the nature lover or outdoor enthusiast on your holiday list.

The post Cool Green Holiday …more

Inhibition, mental set shifting, and memory updating are related to math skills in preschool children. …more

Positive interventions that distract us from difficult tasks actually help to reduce our stress levels, according to new research from …more (Ben Turner)

Octopus brains may have grown smart from an enormous diversity of microRNAs that let them grow multiple types of brain …more