Lingerie Outfits We Want To Try In 2021

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This is a cool outfit we could see for daily wear, and anyone can pull it off. | via Pinterest

The bra top is a great way to utilize your casual bras that you probably purchased a few of this year. An outfit like this, where you have a high waisted bottom, can flatter any body shape. Having the smallest part of your torso – your waist – peeking out as well is a great way to highlight your natural curves. 

Outfit 2: Layering Queen

Layering = fashion and function combined. | via Pinterest

Using pieces that already exist in your wardrobe and finding creative ways to layer them is a brilliant way to once again maximize your closet. Layering a bra or bralette on top of a shirt, sweater, turtleneck, button up, or whatever else you can think of is one way to give into the lingerie as outerwear trend without showing so much skin, if that’s your preference. 

We also love the contrast between the lacy, delicate white bralette and the structured and refined black turtleneck in this ensemble. Playing with color is also a fun way to embrace this look. 

Outfit 3: Playing With Skirts

Skirts are super underrated. | via Pinterest

While this isn’t a new look from Kendall Jenner, we do have to admit she can be a pretty fun source of inspiration when it comes to how to style lingerie. This outfit is nice because it utilizes something we can see coming back in style big time for 2021: the skirt. 

Whether it be a cool denim skirt like Jenner has, a flowy and feminine frock, or even a pencil skirt, we think pairing any style of skirt with a sexy bralette, chemise, camisole, or bra top is a simple yet sexy outfit, and we want to try it. 

How are you planning on playing with your style in 2021? Let us know in the comments below! 

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