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Caroline Eubanks

Food writer Calvin Trillin once estimated that 80 percent of …more       



Mark Mancini

Red squirrels have a big attitude, which might have to …more       

Prior to the development of birth control, between 10% and …more       

Valerie Stimac

Arcturus is 113 times brighter than our sun, even though …more       

Ki Sung Parents with disabilities often face extra issues with remote learning. …more       


FunTasTickz Trash Artz "The Art Of Recycling" 1 • Recycled Plastic

My Project recycles plastic bottles, plastic and metal bottle caps, …more       

noreply@blogger.com (Eric Sheninger)

The pandemic has brought to light numerous challenges, many of …more       

Wendy Bowman

He was cocky when it came to his boxing career …more       

There’s a 3D-printed sundial that lets light through at the …more       

zenhabits By Leo Babauta

Every day, we are dealing with a …more       

Patrick J. Kiger

Though a highly publicized 1989 cold fusion breakthrough was subsequently …more       

Kristen Hall-Geisler

Showering every day is likely something you take for granted. …more       

Kevin Bonsor, John Donovan

Super Bowl Sunday is a football fan’s nirvana: the game …more       

There’s a small wedding chapel in the Maldives that has …more       

Shash Wighton

Facts about Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania was the second state to join the United States …more       

Ki Sung

The new measures would increase testing and access to personal …more       

Patrick J. Kiger, Craig C. Freudenrich

Fusion reactors will use abundant sources of fuel, will not …more       

Oisin Curran

The United States has impeached three presidents so far, including …more       

Alia Hoyt

Despite the heartache that often accompanies love, we can’t help …more       

Artist Néstor Canavarro spends about 50 hours creating each of …more       

Jodie Schneider, Melanie Radzicki McManus

There’s a popular myth that the IRS says paying taxes …more       

zenhabits By Leo Babauta

This year, I’m doing a series of …more       

Kathryn Whitbourne

If you look outside your window right now, you’ll probably …more       


Bicycle Chain Is Not Just For Bikes 1 • Upcycled Bicycle Parts

I acquire a lot of used bike chain from local …more       

Ki Sung

He plans to ask the Education Department to extend pandemic …more       

Nathan Chandler

Everyone’s heard of the blue moon and the harvest moon, …more       

Nathan Chandler

Want to throw someone off your tracks? A GPS spoofing …more       

This is the entire observable universe squeezed into one image. …more