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ON THE STREETS of Hong Kong, few traces remain of …more       

“I LIKE WINNING better than losing,” America’s then president, Bill …more       

ON JANUARY 10th an office worker surnamed Zhou was diagnosed …more       

IT IS PERFECTLY legal in the Philippines—but almost nowhere else—for …more       

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, the United States has not had diplomatic relations …more       

SUAIB SYAMSUDIN SJAH recalls how uneasy he felt as his …more       

THE NATIONAL-SECURITY law which China imposed on Hong Kong in …more       

BUOYED BY A growing economy, cheered by a domestic public …more       

WHEN KIM JONG UN, North Korea’s third-generation despot, penned a …more       

WHEN KAZAKHSTAN’S president came to power two years ago, he …more       

“MEN ARE adorable,” begins Yang Li in a sketch first …more       

EARLY IN DECEMBER China announced that it had eradicated extreme …more       

THE AFAQ KHOJA mausoleum in Kashgar is one of the …more       

IN A VIDEO posted in February to YouTube, Zhang Zhan …more       

OUTSIDE A HOSPITAL in southern Sri Lanka on December 22nd, …more       

THE TRIBESMEN outside the Pakistani embassy in Kabul huddle into …more       

WHEN JAKARTA went into lockdown in April Asian Tigers Group, …more       

WHEN IT COMES to voicing demands, India’s 150m farmers are …more       

XIANZI WAS an intern at China’s national television network when …more       

WHEN AMERICA withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council in …more       

SINCE MYANMAR began to reverse decades of isolationism in 2011, …more       

THE RATTAN sticks being issued to the Philippine National Police …more       

THE WEEKS of stand-off between young Thai activists and the …more       

AS OF DECEMBER 10th, 564 South Koreans had died of …more       

IN EARLY DECEMBER Xi Jinping, China’s leader, declared that the …more       

A VAST EXPANSE of sand dunes, studded with the wind-eroded …more