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John Walker

Twitter is abuzz with today’s awkwardly wrong gaming take, this time focused on modding, after disparaging thoughts about a recent …more       

Crying Suns, the tactical roguelike from Humble Games, has added a new feature which allows cross-save support between the PC …more       

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular shooter mobile games in the world. It’s also one of …more       

Psychonauts 2 is coming to Xbox Series X this year, according to developer Double Fine’s official Twitter account. …more       

Spiritfarer has sold over 500,000 copies in under a year, according to developer Thunder Lotus. …more       

Escayg prevously worked at the Uncharted and The Last of Us developer for close to seven years, but left the …more       

Appxplore’s Claw Stars, a multiplayer arcade game for Appxplore, is now ready to pre-register after being available in early access for …more       

Earlier this month, Supercell announced three new games based on the Clash franchise, and they already soft launched one of …more       

If you’re looking to get your retro gaming fix, these console remakes have got you covered. …more       

After announcing pre-registration last month, LTGames’ Elona Mobile is now globally available for both Android and iOS. The RPG title is all …more       

EA and Respawn Entertainment’s award-winning battle royale, Apex Legends, is going to be arriving on mobile devices at some point …more       

There’s just something about old-school RPGs that always elevates games to an epic status – and with DISGAEA RPG, you …more       

Brian Ashcraft

In what seems like an inevitability, a touring exhibition called Pokémon Kaseki Hakubutsukan (ポケモン化石博物館) or “Pokémon Fossil Museum”        

Machinika Museum is a puzzler based on the repair of extraterrestrial machines that requires keen observation and logic. The machines …more       

Brian Ashcraft

BitSummit, Japan’s biggest indie game event, will be held this September in Kyoto. It will, however, …more       

Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer has revealed on Twitter that PC games could become available to play on Xbox …more       

The Epos H3 headset is a cracking choice for those who want a pair of headphones that sound good, no …more       

Ninjas? Donuts? Really, this game had me sold on concepts alone. Ninja Chowdown is a beautiful, pixel art runner where …more       

There are some games that just don’t click with people. I am not someone who has played Worms, but every …more       

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has a tumultuous video game history. Some of its early arcade outings back in the 90s …more       

Luke Plunkett

Portal 2 was challenging enough when all you had to worry about was space, but now we have to think …more       

Luke Plunkett

Earlier today all of Rockstar’s games temporarily disappeared from Steam, then quickly came back, likely down …more       

Luke Plunkett

Plans for a European Super League are just about the worst thing to happen to football, …more       

Nathan Grayson

It absolutely rules that a contingent of Resident Evil fans woke up today bummed that they …more       

A mobile release of Respawn’s battle royale game Apex Legends has been on EA’s to-do list for a while now, …more       

Ash Parrish

Overwatch League season four kicked off this weekend, with new players, a couple of fantastic upsets and a perfect, game-winning …more       

Are game demos good? When you should leave your demo or prologue up for longer? We look at games with …more       

Ian Walker

Toy manufacturer Mattel is turning Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots into a movie, an idea that’s so brilliantly idiotic that …more       

“Browsing [the Xbox Game Pass] library, instantly trying a game and either keep playing in browser and/or download to continue …more       

“Browsing [the Xbox Game Pass] library, instantly trying a game and either keep playing in browser and/or download to continue …more       

Ari Notis

Like any loot-shooter, Outriders is based on chance. But you can sidestep luck by leaning on the game’s intricate network …more       

Nathan Grayson

“Check on Caramel,” said somebody in popular Twitch comedian Jerma’s chat yesterday, referring to one …more       

Riley MacLeod

Battle royale Apex Legends is coming to phones, developer Respawn announced today. The mobile version will begin testing in certain …more       

Ian Walker

The studio behind indie darling Celeste, the Vancouver-based Extremely OK Games, is finally ready to unveil its next game, Earthblade.


Sony has issued a new statement on its website stating that it will not be shutting down the PS Vita …more