WiFi is King!
It is the make-it or break-it factor for businesses today.
What if you could meet your clients' expectations and expand your reach all at once?

You can with us, your customers expect WiFi access where they eat, sleep and shop. Let us help you meet their needs, increase retention & loyalty and improve your bottom line with a custom WiFi approval page providing advertising opportunities and a redirect to your website.

Free WiFi sticker

WiFi $150

5% of our profits ($7.50) will automatically go to charity.

Attract more customers and keep them longer by offering them free WiFi iNthacity at a cost 90% less than the other guys. If you have the type of business where clients hang out, wait, or spend a significant amount of time, a free wireless connection is a must. Our WiFi solution is hassle-free, easy to connect to, cloud managed and allows you to add WiFi where you need it. A single iNthacity access point can easily cover a 150 feet radius including 2-3 walls whether drywall, concrete, brick or steel. WiFi iNthacity is flexible and powerful enough to go where others can't. This package includes:

  • No contract, no recurring fees
  • Full consultation & network planning
  • One wifi.iNthacity Wireless Access Point/Router
  • Professional WiFi installation
  • Fully branded, mobile-optimized login/approval pages
  • Custom website redirects on login
  • 24/7 remote network monitoring & management
  • Traffic filtering & bandwidth management
  • Network-wide passwords & SSIDs
  • Monitoring apps & web-based live network status

Visit "Ads for Good".iNthacity for unique advertising campaign ideas
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