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Self-Care: Build a Relationship with Yourself
Self-CareSelf-Care: Build a Relationship with Yourself Self-Care sounds easy but it’s a challenge.¬† How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 10?¬† If you had to put a number on how you feel about yourself, and how well you know yourself, what would it be?¬† ¬†If you
The 5 Love Languages And What They Can Mean For Your…
5 Love LanguagesThe 5 Love Languages If you are in a relationship and struggling to understand your partner or build any meaningful bond with them, the chances are that you are yet to understand the concept of love languages. Love languages simply refer to the gestures or actions that make us feel
The Top 10 Relationship Blogs For Stronger Relationships
Stronger RelationshipsLove, Life and Relationships.¬† LLR.¬† The 3 most challenging, interrelated topics.¬† Today I wanted to write about letter “R” for Relationship and share with our users what blogs and sites I personally consult to get my relationship advice -other than my parents, siblings, friends and colleagues lol.¬† Below you will
  "God bless you" emailed to Cashier in Ottawa - Canada ...more    -    "Thinking about you" emailed to Graphic Designer in Ottawa - Canada ...more    -    "I miss you" emailed to Cashier in Ottawa - Canada ...more    -  

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