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$0.10 donated to charity

We donate $0.10 of every message sent here to a reputable random charity. Our system does this automatically for all messages sent. Our mission is to change the world by sending mountains of love to everyone and also giving mountains of money to the needy and good causes. At love.iNthacity you will always feel like you're making a difference.

$0.10 shared with members

We share $0.10 of every message sent here with our adsforgood.iNthacity members. That money get's added to a pool of money that is divided by the total number of registered verified adsforgood.iNthacity members. Payments are typically made January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st of every year. The amount per member varies depending on how much profit we made that quarter and how many users have registered. You will never feel like you are taken for granted again. This is what we call spreading love for good!

$0.20 given back to society

A good social, human, loving, business practice!

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