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"We give money back to our members for using our sites and watching ads and donate to charities."

It's only fair. If you're going to be bombarded with advertising left right and centre, shouldn't you get compensated for the effort? We want to better your life -concretely- on the ground, iN tha city (in the city, your city), by adding a layer of branded "Ads for Good" onto all kinds of different sites for people and businesses.

For the first time in history, more than half of the world's population (5 billion people) lives in cities. Cities are the epicenters of many lives and present countless opportunities for doing business, networking, socialising and giving but, unfortunately, for too many of us they have become very expensive, solitary, concrete jungles where what binds us together has been forgotten1.

"Cities have the population, the resources, the infrastructure and the critical mass to potentially generate billion -even trillions- of wealth to share but they don't and it's a damn shame!"

That's really sad and that's why we want to change things. That's what we're all about: ACTION & SHARING! We start by doing good, being fair, taking care of one another and sharing riches. If in addition to that we manage to help teach folks more about the world and share useful financial and personal development tips...then we're happy -satisfied to be paying it forward. That's why we give back 10% of our branded "Ads for Good" profits to society (valid in Canada and the US only). 5% to charity and 5% to members. We want to make a difference and figured we'd lead the way and start with ourselves.

"Facebook, Google, Amazon, JP Morgan, Spacex, Microsoft and all the other billionaire corporations should give 10% back to society just like we do!"

Now, we realize that every company can't give as much and that giving back however modestly is all that really matters but we wanted to set the bar high and invite other businesses to copy us, and do business with us to allow our unique good entreprise to generate unheard of levels donations as we expand and grow.

All the sites in our network exist for the sole purpose of generating opportunites for all and funds for good. We're not reinventing the wheel, just fostering win, win situations in every sector and are very proud to attempt to turn advertising across our network of web sites, host businesses, homes, vehicles and organizations into engines for everyone's prosperity.

Ready to Become a Citizen of that New Shining City on a Hill?

5% donated to charity (adsforgood.iNthacity)

We donate 5% of our branded "Ads for Good" profits to a reputable random charity. Our system does this automatically for all transactions. For example: If you decide to purchase an item or a service costing $100 and our profit happens to be $50, we will donate 5% of $50, hence $2.50, to a reputable chartity randomly picked by our system. You will never feel like you aren't making a difference again.

5% shared with members (rewards.iNthacity)

Every quarter we share 5% of our branded "Ads for Good" profits with our members. These profits, called rewards.iNthacity, are divided by the total number of registered verified adsforgood.iNthacity Network members. Payments are typically made January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st of every year. The amount per user varies depending on how much profits we made that quarter and how many verified members are registered. You will never feel like you are taken for granted again (ahem Facebook). This is what we call sites for good!

10% back to society

A socially responsible good business practice! We believe in making a positive impact, and that's why a portion of our earnings is dedicated to giving back. By choosing iNthacity, you're not just supporting a business; you're participating in a socially responsible movement that benefits everyone.

List of charities
1 Oxfam report finds that the world's 85 richest people own the same amount as the bottom half of the entire global population: "This massive concentration of economic resources in the hands of fewer people presents a significant threat to inclusive political and economic systems. Instead of moving forward together, people are increasingly separated by economic and political power, inevitably heightening social tensions and increasing the risk of societal breakdown." Oxfam, 2013, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/21/85-richest-people_n_4641021.html