"Ads for Good" Revenues & Displays
Allow others to advertise inside your business

What if you could increase your revenues, pay your bills and maybe even cover your rent with revenues made from digital advertising? You can with adsforgood.iNthacity. adsforgood.iNthacity is the name of our local advertising network and the name of our displays. Sign-up and add your home, business, vehicle, carryable or organization to the only social advertising network that generates revenue from ads for everyone.

adsforgood.iNthacity displays range in size from 4" displays to 60" but they are ALWAYS eye-catching, affordable and the most effective way to getting dynamic messages out to customers.

Download our host display catalogue for the full listing of available displays or ad spaces in host locations everywhere.

Host Locations

This map represents all the homes, businesses, clinics, gyms, restaurants and organizations you can advertise in and all the vehicles, structures and carryables you can advertise on. These hosts are paid a percentage of ad profits for allowing relevant, non-competing ads in or on their property.

Homes you can advertise in
Businesses you can advertise in
Non-profits you can advertise in
Restaurants you can advertise in
Gyms you can advertise in
Universities you can advertise in
Clinics you can advertise in
Vehicles you can advertise on
Structures you can advertise on
Carryables you can advertise on
Advertisers looking for hosts