Wedding Dress: Making The Right Selection

Wedding dresses

From watching fantasy-like wedding celebrations on Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Youtube, or checking out them in publications and books, or hearing about them from other people, many brides-to-be form an image in their minds of the kind of wedding dress they want to wear on their wedding day when they were little girls. Many take a random watch and learn position as they dream up their gorgeous bridal gown.  Not sure what style exactly to go for because of the crazy amount of choices out there.

So…if your time has actually come, and you’re in the market for purchasing the perfect outfit to make your wedding fantasizes come to life,  then you have gotten to the right place. Right here, with a few pointers to help you get over the bridal gown hump and with a lot less stress.

Since tieing the knot is “preferably” an once-in-a-lifetime thing, there isn’t much room for error. To make the bride’s entry down the carpet remarkable and memorable for all the right reasons, one has to overcome many challenges to make certain that whatever is done, it’s done correctly– down to -literally- every little detail of the wedding dress.

1. The Dress Comes First

Some brides pick a style prior to picking a dress, and in effect, make the dress fit the theme they have actually chosen for their special day. For other people, the choice of dress comes first, and the theme of the wedding meshes and compliments the dress’s style.  If the gown that catches the new bride’s fancy is ultra chic and formal, the wedding itself will have a tendency to be much more formal.  That’s why we recommend the latter.  Picking the dress is #1, it sets the tone for the decorations, the venue, the bridesmaids gowns -even the cake- and absolutely everything else should try to match and enhance.


2. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself with Choices

One common mistake is trying 5 gowns and then picking 5 more and so on and so forth until the very best is found.   These ‘champions’ will certainly compete against 5 even more newer or shinier dresses. That’s a big no no.  The choices these days are endless.  Don’t narrow to 7, 8, 9 or 10.  Keep looking, don’t stop shopping until you find about 3 dresses that absolutely take your breath away, the few that actually get you a little emotional perhaps nostalgic.

Yes, it may be appealing to try every gown that comes to mind. What if you find the ONE, that gem hidden under a stack of 20 dresses, in the next store or at the end of the other rack?  Well, do you really wanna go there?  Do you really need to look at every dress in there, including the pile from the previous guest in the corner.  Will that really help you make a choice? That type of scenario is perfect if you want to get awful headache– in addition to being a wonderful source of stress and anxiety.

3. Pick Wisely

To avoid this, try making decisions in stages. You might try an ‘American Idol’ elimination process for selecting your gown. That means casting off the least liked one and then reevaluating the dresses that made the cut.

You might catch yourself thinking: “Awww, however that other dress could have been far better.” Try to stick to the results of the elimination rounds. You don’t want to get overwhelmed and wind up picking a substandard dress, or selecting the ideal gown but second guess yourself forever wondering if you made the best choice or not.  Make a choice, stick to it and Wow everyone in the room specially the gorgeous groom waiting for you near the alter!  You got this.  Work it girl!