The Top 10 Relationship Blogs For Stronger Relationships

Stronger Relationships

Love, Life and Relationships.  LLR.  The 3 most challenging, interrelated topics.  Today I wanted to write about letter “R” for Relationship and share with our users what blogs and sites I personally consult to get my relationship advice -other than my parents, siblings, friends and colleagues lol.  Below you will find the TOP 10 Relationship Blogs For A Stronger Relationships.

The key is that whatever relationship blog you choose, you have to make sure that they have relevant, updated articles with tips and tricks from a good variety of authors…because no two relationships are alike, you don’t want to be reading from the same man or woman all the time. Yup, I said woman because reading articles from the opposite sex helps you understand things from the other side, it allows you to step into their shoes, literally, for a moment and that can help you become a better lifemate.

Here are my Top 10 Relationship Blogs For Stronger Relationships:

1. The Gottman Relationship – The Gottman Relationship Blog | A research-based approach to relationships

2. Kyle Benson | Relationship Coach – Kyle Benson – The Gottman Institute

3. Practical Intimacy | Awesome-ify Your Relationship – Practical Intimacy • Relationship, Intimacy & Empowerment Coaching

4. ibelieve » Relationships – Christian Women Relationships

5. Love And Life Toolbox – Emotional Health and Relationships

6. The Feminine Woman | Dating & Relationship Advice for Women – The Feminine Woman – Dating, Love & Relationship Advice for Women

7. Heart Hackers Club – Heart Hackers Club

8. Love in 90 Days – Dating Advice Blog – Relationship Advice And Dating Tips – Love in 90 Days

9. Susie & Otto Collins – Relationship Advice | Susie and Otto Collins

10. Moments With Jenny – Moments With Jenny

11. Number eleven would have to be our very own love.iNthacity (where you can send love messages to your loved ones and find love) and the Relationship and Advice news.iNthacity.

We will be updating this article with more resources in a bit.  Stay tuned…