The multimillion-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise is reaching for a younger demographic. Chicken Soup for the Soul …more       

Bella Gerard

Technically, swimsuits are meant for, well, swimming. But I think we all know that a good chunk of bikinis on …more       

Before the Grammys, producer Ben Winston — eyeing recent history for such events during this pandemic year — conceded that …more       

Rapper Black Rob, known for his hit ‘Whoa!’ and key contributions to Diddy’s dominant Bad Boy Records in the 1990s …more       

Julia Marzovilla

Right now, there’s no better-selling item in the swimwear world than the humble high-waisted bikini bottom. As someone …more       

Angry Byron Bay locals are protesting the filming of a reality television series that some fear will damage the reputation …more       

In years past unless you made it to a theater multiple times, you probably didn’t get a chance to see …more       

Anderson Cooper is turning to the “Jeopardy!” G.O.A.T. Ken Jennings for some advice on his guest-hosting gig for charity.


Paul Strauss

Do you not like having your drink can sitting out on your desk? You could get toss your can in …more       

Jenzia Burgos

It looks like Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring from Alex Rodriguez is still in her possession despite their recent split, …more       

Extra Staff

Jennifer Love Hewitt is looking back at how she was treated as a young actress a bit differently after seeing …more       

Stephanie Zacharek

Even if the Oscar race often feels unnecessarily drawn out, when it comes to catching up with every nominee, there …more       

Jenzia Burgos

Many are beginning to wonder if Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice after being a coach on the series …more       


Do 72 pounds make a difference in the drag race results? …more       

Gabriel Nica

China is the biggest auto market in the world right now and if it weren’t for Chinese customers things would …more (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)

Hongqi S9

Chinese luxury brand Hongqi is set to launch a range of high-end hybrids and EVs, starting with a hypercar which …more       

Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk will help present it to the world. …more       

Nico DeMattia

Shockingly, one of BMW’s best vehicles is the X7. It might look a bit odd and its entire being might …more       

The automaker is already accepting orders. …more       

Gabriel Nica

The Auto Shanghai 2021 show is currently underway and it’s a sign that we may, in the future, return to …more       

Gabriel Nica

The electrified future of our personal mobility vehicles (otherwise also known as ‘cars’) depends on a number of factors. The …more       

Subaru is recalling nearly 875,000 cars and SUVs in the U.S. because the engines can stall or a rear suspension …more       

The electrified restomod can show messages on its grille. …more (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)

Teaser for Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT debuting on May 10, 2021

Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday released a teaser photo for a concept vehicle that previews a new electric van currently in the …more       

Sean Szymkowski

Musk claims data logs recovered “so far” don’t show Autopilot engaged during the crash. Investigators say no one was behind …more       

William Davis

The electric Honda SUV E:prototype was unveiled overnight at the 2021 Shanghai motor show, as the likely successor to the …more       

Roadshow staff

We’ve selected the best new vehicles for tech geeks spanning all budgets and all types. We’re not just talking Teslas …more       

Ben Zachariah

Mitsubishi has teased an all-electric version of the Outlander, badged as an Airtrek for the Chinese market.

Revealed at the …more (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)

Hard Rock Stadium

The quest to bring Formula One to Miami is finally over, with organizers on Sunday confirming that a Miami Grand …more       


Tim Beedle

The Flash Movie Races into Production!

The Flash Movie Races into Production!

The Flash, the eagerly …more       

DC Publicity

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point: Deathstroke Comes to The Island in …more       


Everything You Need to Know About Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point!


Juliet Bennett Rylah

Basketful of Heads is Scary, Suspenseful and Sharp as an Axe

Basketful of Heads is Scary, Suspenseful and Sharp as …more       

DC Publicity

Future State: Gotham to Have a Manga-Inspired Look!

Future State: Gotham to Have a Manga-Inspired Look!


Alex Jaffe

ASK...THE QUESTION: What's the Deal with the Dinosaur in the Batcave?

ASK…THE QUESTION: What’s the Deal with the Dinosaur in …more       

Albert Ching

A Hardened Hero Heads to Europe in Batman: The Detective

A Hardened Hero Heads to Europe in Batman: The …more       

Lissete Gonzalez

Batman: Curse of the White Knight Unearths a Long-Kept Secret

Batman: Curse of the White Knight Unearths a Long-Kept …more       

Tim Beedle

First Look: Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert's Batman: The Detective Begins!

First Look: Tom Taylor and Andy Kubert’s Batman: The …more       


Remembering Wonder Woman’s First Female Writer, Joye Hummel


Albert Ching

Meet the Stars of the All-New Green Lantern Series

Meet the Stars of the All-New Green Lantern Series


Alex Jaffe

Why Does Wonder Woman Have an Invisible Jet?

Why Does Wonder Woman Have an Invisible Jet?




hallway progress 4-20 - 3

Matt and I have finally moved from our temporary “bedroom” that we had set up in the breakfast room into …more       

Annie Collyer

Avenli Rattan Bubble Spa

If you have been searching for a hot tub – specifically, a square hot tub – for a good while …more       



Aliza Abarbanel

We asked some favorite gardening experts to share their favorite books …more       

Jennifer Board

Here’s how to buy and care for roses, according to a rosarian …more       

Elsie Larson

For years, our a-frame dollhouse (which is discontinued) has been showing up on photos here on the …more       

Ian Phillips

The french interior designer worked with her bachelor client to fulfill his life long pied-à-terre dreams …more       

Ian Phillips

The french interior designer worked with her bachelor client to fulfill his lifelong pied-à-terre dreams …more       


It’s the same glass factory conversion as Friday and the same designers. It’s the same Belgian aesthetic but a totally …more       

Jessica Cherner

From Maine to California, chic multisensory spaces to boggle the mind for 4/20 and beyond …more       

Caroline Preece

Philips Series 3000i AC3033 30

There is no shortage of options when it comes to Philips air purifiers, but the Philips AC3033/30 Air Purifier Series …more       

Annie Collyer

Searching for the best home fragrance buys to ensure your home smells nice and fresh, whether guests are coming over …more       


Window Box Ideas for Flowers and Plants

Today on Style Showcase we’ve got a mix of both indoor and outdoor projects, and then it’s all topped off …more       


Same person also voices Pintsize

and Hercules

and Yelling Bird


this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

I’ve stopped using days of the week.



The post JESUS OR FROGS? appeared first on Berkeley Place.


he died as he lived

gettin fuuuuuuuuuuucked



The post JOHN OF THE DAY appeared first on Berkeley Place.



Here’s a very interesting take on Steely Dan by Bill …more       

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight’s comic loves to procrastinate.



A very nice blend of country and folk, making for …more       

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight’s comic loves podcasts.


Why not?



The post POLICE OF THE DAY appeared first …more       

I am very excited to announce the completion of a …more       


Melanie Radzicki McManus

Whether it’s finding out the identity of the painter Banksy or wondering who is the real “Girl with a Pearl …more       

Nathan Chandler

Nope, it’s not the police code for marijuana possession. It has a much cooler origin story. …more       

Nimah Gobir

Nonviolent communication can help adults better understand students’ needs and where they are coming from. Teachers can use these emotional …more       


Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for April 20, 2021 is: …more       

Mark Mancini

Every April, the Lyrid meteor shower fills the sky with shooting stars. Here’s how to see them in 2021. …more       

Nathan Chandler

Many homes in rural parts of the U.S. rely on well water rather than city water. But well water has …more       

Kristen Hall-Geisler

The UK is considering taxing frequent fliers to help lower airline emissions. But will a tax even help curb greenhouse …more       

A hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk. One study found that men who spent …more       

Becca Marsh

Halsey facts

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane on September 29, 1994, in Edison, New Jersey, US. She is a singer-songwriter who …more       

Alia Hoyt

Often you might hear someone say about their elderly relative “He died of old age.” But what does that really …more       

Deborah Farmer Kris

The rewiring of the brain that happens during adolescence creates great opportunities for both positive and negative experiences, including substance …more       


Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for April 19, 2021 is: …more       

A man once tried to assassinate Andrew Jackson with two different pistols and failed both times. On… …more (Eric Sheninger)

Growth is a huge component of the change process. In order for each of us to pave a path for …more       

Mark Mancini

Movies often pit dark-robed, masked ninja assassins against elite samurai warriors. But just how accurate is our modern outlook on …more       


Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for April 18, 2021 is: …more       

Kathryn Whitbourne

She’s over 90, but doesn’t look a day over 18. And her fans include Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush and Sonia …more       


Julian Kimble

The TV series Them is the latest in a line of shows and movies to traffic in brutal depictions of …more       

Estelle Puleston

As the global lingerie market continues to increase in value, new and potentially-major players are entering the industry, including Zara …more       

Tyler R. Tynes

The emerging NBA star talks about his Rookie of the Year season, living in Minneapolis during the Derek Chauvin trial, …more       

Alida Ryder

General Tso's chicken

Crispy fried chicken tossed in a sweet, aromatic sauce makes this General Tso’s chicken recipe a showstopping dinner everyone will …more       


I had promised at the end of my post “What I Eat and Why“, that in my next nutrition …more       

Men Style Fashion

Flower Box

This original article was first published here: 5 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Getting your mom something that …more       

Priya Elan

Co-curator of Undercover exhibition says it examines how face coverings became ‘symbolic and contentious’

Coronavirus – latest updates See …more       

Men Style Fashion

Fender-Mounted Trail Sights Bronco

This original article was first published here: Coolest 2021 Ford Bronco Accessories

You’ll be hard-pressed to find …more       

Devon Abelman

The K-pop group entered the industry just six months ago, but they are hair and makeup veterans. …more       

Men Style Fashion

Cool graphic t-shirts

This original article was first published here: Graphic Tees that Make a Statement

People can’t read your …more       

Eliza Huber

We’ve been putting it off and putting it off — holding onto our safety sweatsuits for dear life. But …more       

Colin Groundwater

The number one name in oat milk is poised for a massive IPO—whether or not it’s actually healthy. …more       

Sophie Saint Thomas

There’s something on this list in every dosage and for every budget. …more       

Molly Burford

Here’s how I learned to be more confident, and how to express my boundaries to my partners. …more       


James Pearson

Virgin Atlantic has 13 passenger routes to Heathrow next week – all bookable – together with cargo-only services. If international …more       

Rob Mark

The Gulfstream G700 has been tested up to 54,000 feet and speeds of Mach 0.99.

The Gulfstream G700 has been tested up to 54,000 feet and speeds of Mach 0.99. (Gulfstream Aerospace/)

Gulfstream Aerospace said …more       

Andrew Cherney

Triumph has updated its 900cc Street Scrambler for 2022, and added this new limited-edition Sandstorm model.

Triumph has updated its 900cc Street Scrambler for 2022, and added this new limited-edition Sandstorm model. (Triumph Motorcycles/)

2021 seems to …more       

Dan Pimentel

The Williams International FJ44-4A on the company’s testbed aircraft successfully completed flight testing using 100 percent SAF.

The Williams International FJ44-4A on the company’s testbed aircraft successfully completed flight testing using 100 percent SAF. (Williams International/)

Williams …more       

Mark Finlay

Boeing Dreamlifter

According to reports, American multinational delivery services company FedEx is close to finalizing a deal that will see it take …more       

Jake Hardiman

Airbus Beluga Getty

Particularly since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, airfreight has played a significant role in keeping the world moving. Several …more       

Geoff Baldwin

As the temperatures rise in Summer it’s not unusual to see motorcyclists neglecting their safety in favour of staying cool. …more       

Luke Bodell

American Boeing 737 MAX

American Airlines and Boeing have reached an agreement to delay the purchase and delivery of new aircraft. The deal means …more       

Samantha Thomas

Youtubers Killed in Plane Crash

A well-known couple whose popular YouTube and Instagram pages showcased their love of light aviation, was killed when the Cessna …more       

Michelle Liew

Team Suzuki Ecstar

The reigning champions Team Suzuki Ecstar will be continuing its run in the MotoGP season until 2026.

Team Suzuki Ecstar

Dorna …more       

Linnea Ahlgren

American A319

American Airlines announced Monday that it would be reintroducing catering services on domestic flights in stages. From May 1st, full …more       


Fruity Chutes has released the 1.2.1 update for the Sentinel Automatic Trigger System (SATS-MINI), a safety device that detects when …more       

Jake Hardiman

easyJet Airbus A319

The summer season is typically one of the busiest times of year for commercial aviation, almost regardless of the location …more       


The Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (RAI) Industry Showcase returns virtually on 25 – 27 May 2021 to once again give …more       




The sleek lines of glass and acrylic splashbacks are very appealing to buyers of modern kitchens. You no longer have …more       


When we start to talk about a suitable design for a kids’ room, we must define the age group …more       



For homeowners, buying and living in their own house can be a source of pride, fulfillment, and joy. Buying a …more       


Hardie Siding From Home Depot1

Hardie siding is a durable material that uses cement fibers to create an attractive and long-lasting siding product. It was …more       


Protection your Child’s Online Privacy2

In this digital era, kids as young as seven years old have their personal mobile phones and laptops. The problem …more       


Landscaping 2

To have your home looking and feeling completely, your decor and design can’t just stop at your four walls. Expanding …more       

Katie Conner

The child tax credit will be broken into seven payments, but not everyone will want to get their money that …more       

Oscar Gonzalez

Both subscriptions offer more gaming options for Xbox owners, but they’re not the same thing. We break down the differences. …more       

Clifford Colby

If your state is holding unclaimed property or money that belongs to you, here’s how to check and then quickly …more       


Parental Alienation3
Family broke up, divorce. Dad left the family, the death of her husband, the widow

How to Handle Parental Alienation

There are some ways that you can handle parental alienation, the most important thing is to make sure that you do not give up on your child. This is going to feed into the disorder more and make it even harder to handle and deal with. You should take the time to let your child know that they are dealing with something, that you understand and that you want to fix the issue, and you want to get back to the way it once was with your child. 

If you suspect that your child is dealing with parental alienation you may want to speak with a therapist so that your child can talk through what is bothering them, to see what might be making them unhappy, and to see what you can do on your part to see what can be done. This is not something that is going to change your relationship with your kid forever, if you do not allow it to. 

Taking the time to get your custody agreement taken care of, making sure you stick to it, and to make sure that you are taking the time to talk to your child can really make a difference. Kids need structure, they need you as a parent to put forth the effort to help them work through issues like parental alienation. Though it might seem like the end of the line, it does not have to be the end of your relationship with your child. A great custody agreement is going to add structure, help you keep seeing your child, and is going to help the both of you overcome the issues that come with an issue like parental alienation. 

The post

We love our kids. They are an extension of us and reflect the hope that we have for the world. …more       


Stages of Grief1

Losing a loved one is a life-changing, overwhelming and awful event. Whether you’ve lost a spouse, child, or parent, …more       

Katie Conner

If you moved because of COVID-19 last year, you may be faced with several challenges when filing your taxes — …more       


Epoxy Countertop1

Epoxy is a new countertop option that many people are using in their homes and outdoor kitchens. It is a …more       


Windows and Doors Installation Services2

No two homes are the same nor should their windows and doors be. Make sure you select a professional who …more       


Adjustable Table1

Are you thinking about buying a height-adjustable desk? This is a good idea considering those benefits that it promises. However, …more       


NEWS WIRES Experts at the agency that regulates drugs for the European Union said Tuesday that they found a “possible link” between …more       

Jessica Schladebeck

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pushing back against police claims suggesting his company’s automated driving systems played a role in …more       

Michael Sheridan

The thieves strolled into the parking garage on W. 181st St. near Amsterdam Ave. around 8 a.m. Sunday, authorities said …more       

Thomas Tracy

“We just had an officer having a Molotov cocktail at them last week,” Shea said on Fox 5′s ″Good Day …more       

FRANCE 24 The Czech Republic has asked its EU and NATO partners to expel Russian diplomats in solidarity following a diplomatic spat …more       

Meghan Moravcik Walbert

Every parent knows the vital importance of good sleep—for us, yes, but especially for our kids. Adults don’t like to …more       


After a year of denying that COVID-19 was real, Ted Nugent has COVID-19.


Fareeha Rehman

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Let’s clear the air: Golden Gate Park is not open to the crowded 4/20 celebration that …more       

The Associated Press

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Railroad has reported that ridership fell by about 94% between 2019 and 2020 because …more       

John George

The company has “selectively assembled a syndicate of top-tier investors.”


Sébastian SEIBT The Czech Republic accused on Saturday the GRU – Russia’s military intelligence agency – of being behind a deadly explosion …more       

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The pilots of two Alaskan sightseeing planes that collided in midair couldn’t see the other aircraft because …more       

Old Hollywood classics could be regularly updated with the newest adverts that have been digitally-inserted, thanks to a UK technology company …more       

Anisah Ahmed met fellow barrister Iqbal Mohammed, 38, through LinkedIn around six years ago and embarked upon a relationship with …more       

Math teacher Paul Rossi, who was pulled from his classes at Grace Church School after criticizing the school’s anti-racism policies, …more       

Elizabeth Yuko

Are you looking for a career change? Do you wish that your current job allowed for more time to enjoy …more       


Iain Stanley

A 5-9 Stop Variable ND Filter on a 800mm Super Telephoto Lens? An Odd Combination With Great Results

It’s not too often you associate a supertelephoto lens with variable neutral density filters, but I stuck a NiSi 5-9 …more       


Photo By Dean Cobin

Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Dogwood Study #147” by Dean Cobin. Location: New Jersey.

“A stacked …more       

Alex Cooke

This Is the First Non-Kit Lens You Should Buy

When you are new to photography, one of the most exciting things you will do is purchase your first non-kit …more       

Caroline Tompkins

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This article was printed in the Power & Empowerment issue …more       

Stu Davidson

Daily Photo – The Remarkables in the Fall

I took this on a little walk I do a few times …more       

Jess Shillaw


Many guests have asked me what do leopard cubs do when their mother leaves them at their den site? The …more       

Cajsa Carlson

The Il Palazzo hotel by Aldo Rossi

A new retrospective of postmodernist architect Aldo Rossi’s work has recently opened at Rome’s MAXXI museum. Its curator Alberto Ferlenga …more       

Eduardo Souza

CL Warehouses / VAGA. Image © Pedro Napolitano Prata

CL Warehouses / VAGA. Image © Pedro Napolitano Prata


Hana Abdel

© Ceavs Chua

© Ceavs Chua

architects: Fabian Tan Architect

Location: Kuala …more       

Dima Stouhi

© Michał Sierakowski

© Michał Sierakowski

Titled “Trouble in Paradise”, the Polish pavilion …more       


Angel photo taken by Robert with his SX-70

Toronto. In 1972, Dr Edwin Land electrified the photographic community when he …more       

Andreea Cutieru

Courtesy of PLP Architecture

Courtesy of PLP Architecture

PLP revealed its design for a …more       

Antonia Piñeiro

via IE School of Architecture

via IE School of Architecture

Building on the success of …more       

Eric Baldwin

© Robert Canfield

© Robert Canfield

Solar design in contemporary architecture is rooted …more       

Pilar Caballero

© Steven Massart

© Steven Massart

architects: AST 77 Architecten

Location: Steenhof …more       


Ben-Gurion University of The Negev

Radiation Abstract

Surprisingly, exposure to a high background radiation might actually lead to clear beneficial health effects in humans, according to Ben-Gurion …more       

University of Basel

Snowmelt Mountains

Snow cover in the Alps has been melting almost three days earlier per decade since the 1960s. This trend is …more       

Medical professionals weigh in on why some individuals have different responses to the shots and offer advice on what to …more       

A new book takes readers on a journey across our planet, stopping to smell flowers and appreciate other species along …more       

Naina Bajekal and Elijah Wolfson

Saturia Campos, 80, receives a dose of the Novavax vaccine as her daughter watches in Chaguaní, Colombia, on April 8, 2021. Vaccination brigades made their way into inhospitable rural areas to administer COVID-19 vaccines to senior citizens. Depending on the distances and difficulty of access, each brigade vaccinates between 12 and 18 people per day.

The COVID-19 pandemic, like the climate crisis, is amplifying existing racial and gender injustices in our society. TIME editors Naina …more       

William Nordhaus

In an earlier era, green referred to grass and trees and jealous eyes. But over the past half-century, green …more       

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Eric Sundstrom

A Q&A with Berkeley Lab scientist Eric Sundstrom on a technology to turn electrons to bioproducts. Many of the common …more       

Matthew L. Miller

Six books to celebrate the planet’s biodiversity and conservation.

The post Earth Day Book Review 2021 appeared first …more       

University of North Carolina Health Care

Two Masks COVID

A study published in JAMA Internal Medicine shows that wearing two face coverings can nearly double the effectiveness of filtering …more       

Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

Skokholm Island

Chance finds dating back 9000 years tell new story of Skokholm Island, Pembrokeshire. Chance finds of prehistoric stone tools and …more       


Assorted Vitamins

But protective effects seen only among women. Taking multivitamins, omega-3, probiotics, or vitamin D supplements may lessen the risk of …more       

Understanding people’s past land use strategies could help us better conserve global biodiversity now. …more       

Clemson University

Great Basin Rattlesnake

Diversity in diet plays a role in the complexity of venom in pit vipers such as rattlesnakes, copperheads and cottonmouths. …more       

Joseph Navin & Chris Gebhardt

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has recently made pad upgrades to Space Launch Complex-6 (SLC-6) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California, …more       

Joey Lautrup

American tailpipes have played an outsized role in global warming. In 2019, transportation accounted for 29% of the …more       


Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

air purifier next to a plant

Through April 30th, head over to Amazon where you can score this TaoTronics Air …more       


hand holding a box of Atkins peanut butter cups

Grab a Keto-friendly treat on Amazon!

Hurry over to Amazon where you …more       

Rachel (Hip Sidekick)

Swingline 12-Sheet Tot Stapler with 1,000 Staples

Walmart has so many great deals!

Hurry over to where you can …more       

Rachel (Hip Sidekick)

Balance ONE Probiotic 60-Count bottle

Looking to boost your immunity? This probiotic can help!

For a limited time, head on over to        

Erica (Silly Sidekick)

lobster towel on the beach with beach toys

Need new beach towels? Target has some HOT deals! 

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Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

three people wearing bandanas

For a limited time, head over to Amazon where you can score 40% off …more       


taking Stasher bag with peppers out of freezer

Stash what matters in the best reusable silicone bags!

At Hip2Save, we absolutely love a …more       


hand holding lysol laundry sanitizer

Amazon laundry detergent deals are HOT 🔥

Head on over to Amazon where …more       

Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

woman smiling while wearing glasses

Save on a new pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses! 🕶

Updating your prescription can quickly become …more       

Erica (Silly Sidekick)

street fighter arcade game in a home

Enjoy endless hours of hard-hitting action with this Walmart deal!

If you have a gamer …more       


pack of OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Free on hardwood floor

Stock up on laundry detergent on Amazon!

Head to Amazon where they are …more       

Chelsey (Hip Sidekick)

woman wearing a face mask

Save on masks, hand sanitizer & more on Amazon!

Today, April 20th only, head over …more       


Sperry Shoes

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Wow! This is a fantastic price on …more       


This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

This Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Grow-The-Fun Garden …more       

Crystal Paine

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Looking for a perfect tee? This is …more       

Erica (Silly Sidekick)

Hefty Jumbo Bags full of play food

Stock up on household goods on Amazon!

Make meal prep easy! Hop on over to …more       


“Billionaires will literally create a super league instead of going to therapy”

View Entire Post ›


Matthew Washington

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed head coach Mike Tomlin to a three-year contract extension, the team announced on …more       

Chicco Nacion

A wrist injury to LaMelo Ball has complicated what appeared to be a straightforward Rookie of the Year …more       

Michael J. Chandler

The Dallas Mavericks have fired director of player personnel Tony Ronzone after new details surfaced concerning a sexual …more       

The Associated Press

Britain Soccer Super League

In a direct appeal to the owners of the English clubs in the Super League project, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin …more       

The Associated Press


The breakaway Super League would set back the development of the women’s game in Europe, UEFA’s head of women’s soccer …more       

Dan Wilkins

theScore’s Dan Wilkins breaks down the top linebacker prospects in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft as part of a position-by-position …more       

Chicco Nacion

The Point God continues to establish himself as one of the greatest to play the game.

Phoenix Suns star …more       

Josh Wegman

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price was replaced by backup Jake Allen to start the …more       

Sean O’Leary

San Jose Sharks winger Patrick Marleau eclipsed Gordie Howe’s all-time record for NHL games played Monday …more       

Maria De Villota, Team Spain Atletico Madrid

More photos …more       

Maria De Villota, Team Spain Atletico Madrid crashes out of the race

More photos …more       

Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb

The Minnesota Twins’ latest round of COVID-19 tests all came back negative, a source told Dan Hayes …more       

Josh Weinstein

Kobe Bryant’s estate didn’t renew the late Los Angeles Lakers legend’s shoe contract with Nike, a source told …more       

Chicco Nacion

LaMelo Ball’s rookie season isn’t over after all.

The Charlotte Hornets phenom has been cleared for individual …more       

Caio Miari

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid would love to have former quarterback Alex Smith on …more       


John Walker

Twitter is abuzz with today’s awkwardly wrong gaming take, this time focused on modding, after disparaging thoughts about a recent …more

Wayfair Spring Sale: up to 70% off Open Box Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, and more

Wayfair Spring Sale: up to 70% off Open Box Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses, and more …more

Seagate Expansion 14TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive $199.99

Seagate Expansion 14TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive $199.99 …more

Apple’s latest event is today but there is no sign of a new iPhone. Instead, these are the best iPhone …more       

F1 2021 brings ray tracing for those with a supporting (and powerful enough) GPU. …more       

Huawei is rumored to be releasing three folding phones in 2021, all at a more affordable price. …more       

Escayg prevously worked at the Uncharted and The Last of Us developer for close to seven years, but left the …more       

Escayg prevously worked at the Uncharted and The Last of Us developer for close to seven years, but left the …more

Thanks to the Cognitive XR Processor, the Sony TV 2021 lineup is going to be the smartest, fastest and most …more       

Appxplore’s Claw Stars, a multiplayer arcade game for Appxplore, is now ready to pre-register after being available in early access for …more

Alienware Aurora R10 AMD Ryzen 7 5800 Gaming Desktop w/ AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT $2110

Alienware Aurora R10 AMD Ryzen 7 5800 Gaming Desktop w/ AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT $2110 …more       

Mike Fahey

Spiritfarer, the “cozy management game about dying,” has sold more than half a million copies worldwide. In celebration of this …more       

Romain Dillet

Today, Apple is holding a (virtual) keynote at 10 AM PT (1 PM in New York, 6 PM in London, …more       

Tiny droplets which can harbour small pieces of urine, faeces, vomit and viruses float into the air at mouth-level after …more       

Scott Stein

An image of a new HTC VR headset on a design awards site resembles the Oculus Quest, but with fitness …more       


From the humble otter pop to Norwegian risgrøt.

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Ethan Steinberg

Having 100,000 airline miles is enough to make anyone feel rich, opening the door to beautiful business- or first-class cabins, …more       

Gene Sloan

The first voyages of the biggest cruise ship ever built are now available for booking.


Francisco Negroni was named the overall winner of the competition thanks to an electrifying photo showing a lightning-enveloped 2015 eruption …more       

Zach Griff

Imagine being a network planning veteran who started at a different airline days before the coronavirus the entire industry.

Well, that’s …more       

New renderings reveal Base Camp, which will feature two coasters, a multi-media live stage show experience, an advanced simulator attraction, …more       

Thought Venice was unique? Not quite as much as you had in mind. The territories of the Venetian Republic spread …more       

TV presenter and Paralympian Ade Adepitan checks into our travel Q&A. He also talks about his travel essential, his favourite part …more       

Chris Dong

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There’s no better way to maximize …more       

Ariana Arghandewal

Hyatt just announced a new addition to its all-inclusive portfolio coming in 2021: The Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun. The family-friendly …more       

The Points Guy

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information.

When we analyze the best …more       

Zach Griff

As air travel continues to rebound, airlines are slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels of service.

The latest update comes from Fort …more       

Benji Stawski

Southwest has just introduced a new way of buying Rapid Rewards points: via an installment plan.

As …more       

Two photos, one incredible story.

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Greece has lifted quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers and those testing negative for Covid-19 from key tourism markets, including Europe, …more       

Eric Rosen

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express, with a $595 annual fee (see rates …more