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They’re almost on the same ground in terms of power… except for one important factor. …more

Nico DeMattia

The G80 BMW M3 is among the most aggressive looking sedans the brand has ever built. Its giant grille …more

Sam Purcell

We know it doesn’t really matter. But we know you also want to know the …more

Jordan Mulach

Every month, more than 30,000 online searches are made for ‘KN car’ by internet users …more

Ben Zachariah

One of the automotive world’s most influential car designers has been commissioned to remake one …more

Nico DeMattia

“Simplify and add lightness”. The iconic words of Lotus-founder Colin Chapman live on throughout history, as a principle by which …more

Horatiu Boeriu

BMW M’s first ever superbike – the M 1000 RR – takes on the Ferrari SF90 in this new …more

Brian Cooley

Finally, a Prius you can want for its looks and not just its smarts. …more (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)

Praga Bohema

Czech race car specialist Praga has joined the ranks of hypercar manufacturers this week following the reveal of the Bohema, …more (Stephen Edelstein)

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake Widebody concept (photo via Mecum Auctions)

Shelby American’s wide-body sixth-generation Ford Mustang concept is headed to auction. It’s scheduled to cross the block at Mecum’s auction …more

Does the top-dog BMW Motorrad hold a candle against a Ferrari hypercar? …more

It shares a lot of cues with the Wildcat EV Concept shown earlier this year. …more

Adrian Padeanu

A short car with an extremely long name, the David Brown Automotive Mini Remastered Marshall Edition is celebrating its European …more

The German tuner didn’t hold back in upgrading the outgoing super sedan. …more

Adrian Padeanu

The 37th edition of the BMW Painting Award was held this week in Madrid and served as a great venue …more

Brock Keen’s roof-tent-equipped Porsche 911 camped alongside the long-roof Taycans. …more

The recall involves previously recalled units but for a different component with the same risk. …more

The colorful Mini Cooper SE aims to raise funds for charities. …more

Ben Zachariah

Climate activists in Italy have thrown flour onto one of the most famous BMW ‘Art …more

Imad Khan

This comes after Tesla issued a 322,000 vehicle recall earlier this week. …more

Jordan Mulach

Croatian electric-car specialist Rimac and its Italian partner Pininfarina claim their plug-in hypercars have set …more

Adrian Padeanu

Whenever an automaker trademarks an exciting name, there’s always the temptation of assuming it’ll be put to good use on …more

Ben Zachariah

Steve McQueen’s character Frank Bullitt will be played by Hollywood heart-throb Bradley Cooper in a …more

Adrian Padeanu

Of all the new BMW models released in 2022, and there have been more than a few, the X1 has …more

In the US, share was 5.1 percent between January and October 2022. In Europe, more than 1 vehicle out of …more

This low-mileage Testarossa oozes ’80s nostalgia, no doubt due to its ‘Miami Vice’ tie-in and retro photoshoot vibes.