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Michelle Starr

“We never thought that explosions could be this aspherical.” …more

When natural disasters strike, women and girls tend to experience …more

Just as a tight core is a component of good …more

A river of hazy red light stretched across the night …more

Modification on a high-resolution fluorescent microscopy technique allow researchers to …more

An international team of space scientists has observed a “cold …more

Neuroscientists at the University of Zurich have developed innovative objectives …more

NASA experts will join a virtual press conference hosted by …more

Jeff Foust

Astrolab FLEX rover at night

Lunar rover developer Astrolab has signed an agreement with SpaceX …more

Ethan Siegel

Lots of people have seen lots of bizarre …more

Researchers unearthed the “shark hook” at a newly discovered village …more

Tim Hornyak

A photo of a statue of a dinosaur-like creature next to city buildings.

If you dive deep enough in the western Pacific Ocean, …more

Jenessa Duncombe

A person stands in a dark cave holding a flashlight.

The first thing you’ll notice when entering ScrouitchGallery, 100 meters …more

A geomagnetic field is generated in Earth’s interior and extends …more

Z Paige L’Erario

Functional neurological disorders are very real, and medical compassion is …more

Phil Plait

How I learned to stop worrying and love the next …more

Ton Hoitink

Subaqueous seismic profiles from the paper.

Editors’ Highlights are summaries of recent …more

Rebecca Dzombak

Capybaras, the world’s largest rodent, naturally live in vast grasslands, …more

Guest Blogger

Columbia undergrads partnered with University of Rwanda students to begin …more

Park Si-soo

In a large white hangar lies a large white rocket on its side undergoing assembly. A South Korean flag is seen at one end of the hangar.

South Korea will spend 874.2 billion won ($674 million) …more

Jeff Foust

Rocket 4 engine test

Astra is still planning to conduct a first launch of …more