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Perth, Australia (SPX) Jan 22, 2022

New Curtin University research has …more

Boston MA (SPX) Jan 22, 2022

On Wednesday we collected our …more

Brian Berger

After spending most of 2020 and all of 2021 struggling …more

School closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have caused “nearly …more

William Harwood

Artist’s illustration of the James Webb Space Telescope. Credit: NASA

The …more

Debra Werner

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is looking ahead to …more

Debra Werner

Mark Fernandez, principal investigator for Spaceborne Computer-2, sees a promising …more

Marc Boucher

James Webb Space Telescope trajectory to L2

After a seemingly perfect 29 day journey from Earth, the …more

Astronomers have discovered a black hole unlike any other. At …more

NASA will honor members of the NASA family who lost …more

Marc Boucher

NASA Spinoff 2022 report

NASA has released its Spinoff 2022 report which feature more …more

In a natural setting, cows and nursing calves together set …more

A 10-year-old rhino that had its horn brutally hacked off …more

Researchers at the University of Southampton have explored how the …more

On Monday, Jan. 24, engineers plan to instruct NASA's James …more

Debra Werner

Propulsion startup Phase Four has signed a memorandum of understanding …more

Brian Koberlein

Among the thousands of known exoplanets, there are some that …more

Together with colleagues, Lars H. Smedsrud, professor at UiB and …more