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The Associated Press

Witnesses said the stadium stewards closed the gates and stopped …more

Declan Walsh

Mutinous officers said the public was fed up with President …more

Declan Walsh

The government denied rumors of a coup, but soldiers who …more

Lynsey Chutel

The lions caught the coronavirus from their handlers and showed …more

Ruth Maclean and Daniel Nyakonah

Worshipers were gathered for a revival meeting in the Liberian …more

Rory Smith

Pitso Mosimane enjoyed a better 2021 than almost any coach …more

The New York Times

The trial of Jeffrey Moyo, accused of having fabricated accreditation …more

Ruth Maclean

The social media site had been blocked after it deleted …more

Stephanie Nolen

A former Africa correspondent, who covered the height of the …more

Tariq Panja

Cameroon’s 25-year-old goalkeeper has already had his career interrupted twice …more