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Nick Cumming-Bruce

From Somalia to Ukraine to Xinjiang in China, Volker Türk will have no shortage of challenges as he steps into …more

Joseph Berger She helped Jews in Africa and elsewhere feel connected to their origins by helping them start businesses and open synagogues …more

John Eligon

President Cyril Ramaphosa emerged well-placed to win a second term as the head of the country’s governing party, although there …more

Lynsey Chutel

The Supreme Court decision raises the possibility that former President Jacob Zuma, who was granted medical parole from a contempt-of-court …more

Declan Walsh and Andrea Bruce

The worst drought in 40 years is pushing Somalia to the brink. If it triggers a rare famine declaration, the …more

Tariq Panja, Elian Peltier and Rory Smith

The global appetites of Europe’s major leagues shape talent pipelines from South America to Africa. That picks winners and losers …more

Lynsey Chutel and Joao Silva

Droughts, cyclones and floods have forced the people of Madagascar, a poor country in the southern Indian Ocean, to find …more

Henry Fountain

Amid the ‘loss and damage’ debate at global climate talks, the study adds to evidence that less-developed countries suffer from …more

Michael Levy The small country in southeastern Africa is leveraging its little-known rock cliffs and boulders to develop local interest in climbing …more

Vivian Yee

A note in the handwriting of Alaa Abd El Fattah, who has been on hunger strike for about seven months, …more