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Amanda Woods

A man randomly slugged two straphangers on Bronx trains last …more

Maria Cramer

Grand jurors hear from only one side of the case, …more

NBC New York Staff

Fresh off securing an indictment of Donald Trump, Manhattan District …more

Ginia Bellafante

A generation that was locked up during the era of …more

Ginia Bellafante

A generation that was locked up during the era of …more

Richard Pollina

“I love when I see people take advantage of the …more

Gerardo Pons

The recall was announced after investigators determined that a 10-year-old …more

Maggie Haberman

The former president’s aides had believed that any action by …more

Nolan Hicks

The financial analysis from the Rent Guidelines Board found that …more

Katherine Donlevy

“Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the …more

Ed Shanahan

Vito Caselnova faces a charge of possessing a firearm in …more

Tom Shea and The Associated Press

Trump has previously said charges would actually help him in …more

Zach Williams

Albany Democrats are focusing on controversial issues like bail reform …more

Jennifer Peltz

For any New York defendant, poor or powerful, answering criminal …more

NBC New York Staff

Now that Donald Trump has been indicted — becoming the …more

The New York Times

Mr. Trump will be the first former president to face …more

Steve Janoski

A former state Senate candidate said a random man slugged …more

The Associated Press

Here’s a breakdown of some of Donald Trump’s legal battles …more

NBC New York Staff

In 2006, porn star Stormy Daniels says, she had an …more

Steve Janoski

The city’s Department of Transportation will install a new traffic …more