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The six people whose bodies were recovered from the St. …more

The six-foot-three, 200-pound Canadian defensive back had 38 tackles and …more

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airbnb short term rental rule ban

Despite promises, Airbnb is still hosting short-term rentals that are …more

Hydro-Québec annual indexation of its electricity rates will take effect …more

The Quebec government’s crackdown on Airbnb has upended Montreal’s short-term …more

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SPVM stock shot mobile command unit

Officers from Montreal, Laval, and the North Shore communities have …more

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Chat GPT

Some teachers are on uncertain ground, trying to determine if …more

Three major police forces are uniting to launch Projet Meche, …more

Three major police forces are uniting to launch Projet Meche, …more

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police said they are waiting on the …more

The bodies of six people, including one child, were found …more

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Sean Henry Dynastie Award

Congratulations to CBC Daybreak host Sean Henry, who was voted …more

Brian Wilde

Brian Wilde has more on Thursday night’s matchup between the …more

Police say the group’s activities were widely advertised on social …more

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Quebec Court of Appeal

U.S. government argues that at the time of the experiments, …more

Donald Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, …more

One month almost to the day after the health ministry …more

A coalition of organizations is calling for concrete funding solutions …more

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Lawyers for victims and their families of experiments carried out …more

A lawyer for the United States government told Quebec’s highest …more

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Old Montreal fire

Their backgrounds vary: two friends who grew up together in …more

Genetic mutations in a parasite that clings to the intestinal …more

Montreal police say they have arrested four suspects, including three …more

Professors at Université Laval in Quebec City were back at …more

Montreal police say gunfire erupted from a moving vehicle late …more

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Striking Université Laval professors

The five-week strike by about 13,000 professors at Université Laval …more