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Android   (Derrek Lee)

Just ahead of the Pixel Watch launch, the Fitbit Play …more

Justin Diaz

Best Simulation Games

The best simulation games are ones that not only immerse …more

Justin Diaz

Best Games For Steam Deck

Now that the Steam Deck is finally …more (Nickolas Diaz)

Android 13’s QPR1 Beta 2 build is slowly rolling out …more

Justin Diaz

Stadia Controller 1

Ever since the Stadia shut down announcement …more

Steve Smith

SOUNDPEATS Air3 Deluxe case and charger

With every audio manufacturer seemingly making earbuds, the market has …more

Arthur Brown

Twitter Logo New

Twitter has some good news for avid …more

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Filipe Espósito

Apple has been rumored to introduce new iPad models later …more

Filipe Espósito

Facebook on Wednesday announced an update to its platform that …more

iPad Pro: Buy now or wait?

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iPad Pro 11in (2021, M1)

The iPad Pros are for people who want the fastest …more

Seth Kurkowski

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the …more

Michael Potuck

Apple Watch Ultra is the first wearable from the company …more

Juli Clover

Rumors suggest that Apple still has several new devices that …more

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Bathurst Mustang launch

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Joshua Dowling

Australia’s largest collection of classic …more

The all-new Mustang GT gets another race car guise, set …more

Paul Gover

The seventh-generation Ford Mustang V8 …more

The limited edition watches celebrate the legendary “Ducktail” 911 Carrera …more

The coachbuilt collaboration with Italdesign is the most extreme R35 …more

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Molly Russell

Aer Lingus will be seeking compensation from its IT …more

Michael Doran

If there are any positives to come out of Covid …more

Lukas Souza

American Airlines is offering a three-year pay cut to …more

Daniel Martínez Garbuno

The Brazilian carrier Azul Linhas Aéreas has announced the …more

Mohamed Anas Maaz

Airliners usually fly at very high altitudes. There are …more

Daniel Martínez Garbuno

In 2022, Argentina’s civil aviation industry has recovered close …more

David Cenciotti


File photo of a ROKAF F-35A (Image credit: LM)



Patrick Kinsella

The best sea kayaks are perfect for paddling in …more

Rachael Steele

Benetti Project ORO superyacht

At the 31st edition of the Monaco Yacht …more

Toby Hodges

The Dykstra/Baltic 117 Perseverance has made it’s debut at …more

Rachael Steele

aft view of the yacht

Luxury yacht PROJECT SERENA (YN 20555), the first …more

First look: wallywind110

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Toby Hodges

Almost a year later we are finally getting a …more

John Higginson

Four decades after Duran Duran released the hit single Rio (“Her …more


Alex Jaffe

ASK...THE QUESTION: How Many Names Has the Joker Had?

ASK…THE QUESTION: How Many Names Has the Joker Had?


DC Publicity

Don’t Miss DC at NYCC ’22!


Donovan Morgan Grant

Suit Yourself: Everything You Need to Know About Hardware

Suit Yourself: Everything You Need to Know About Hardware


Kelly Knox

All the Super-Fun Things We Noticed in DC League …more

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Weekend Binge: Meet DC's Next Movie Star in 2006's Blue Beetle

Weekend Binge: Meet DC’s Next Movie Star in 2006’s …more

Joshua Lapin-Bertone

Lady of Lunacy: Twelve Moments that Defined Harley Quinn

Lady of Lunacy: Twelve Moments that Defined Harley Quinn



Melina Divani

Are you busy looking for unforgettable, fresh and inspired home …more

Michelle Duncan The sale is the third highest of the year for …more

The Design Files

A Family’s Magical Mid-Century ‘Treehouse’ Is For Sale In …more

Anvita Reddy

Parachute brings elevated coziness to our homes, and we can’t …more


Huge thanks to Adam for sending us the link …more

Jennifer Beck Goldblatt

Don’t call a plumber! Putting in a new toilet is …more


Krystin Gresham

The 2022 Make it Big conference debuted on September 13–14 …more

Steve Chou

Every since my daughter officially turned 13, I’ve been teaching …more

Kelsey Daubner

Maria Jose Buendia, better known as MJ, is the manager …more


blog banner google merchant center supplemental feeds

Sometimes you want to make small tweaks to your product …more

Reed Hartman

For many ecommerce businesses, the holiday season is the busiest …more

Steve Chou

As a seller, the Amazon Vine program is an excellent …more


Erin Silvia

Kanye West shared a screenshot of a headline mentioning Hailey …more

Sabrina Picou

Katie Couric is an award-winning journalist, but she is also …more

Anna Rose

Sharon Van Etten

Sharon Van Etten has released a new single, ‘Never …more

Jen Shah

Warning: this article features mentions of suicide. Jen Shah is breaking …more

Kyle Richards, Erika Jayne

Alliances appear to be shifting in the 90210. The Real Housewives …more


Wait what?

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Old in living color skit

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Old in living color skit

submitted by …more

Dating Life

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Babylon Bee

GREEN BAY, WI — Psychologists and sex experts are flocking …more

Babylon Bee

America’s national debt just passed $31 trillion for the first …more

Babylon Bee

FORT MYERS, FL — With hurricane deaths reaching pandemic levels, …more



This is a very compelling report from Bleecker Street Research …more


Swoop Aero was founded to transform how the world moves …more

Ron Amadeo

YouTube experiment makes 4K videos a Premium-exclusive feature

Enlarge (credit: Future Publishing | …more

Patrick Egan

This podcast is a straight-up business of drones goldmine. If …more


Isaiah Colbert

If you weren’t able to log in and play Blizzard’s …more

Isaiah Colbert

Fans of Electronic Arts racing series Need for Speed might …more

Ethan Gach

It’s been over a month since Madden NFL 23 launched …more

Ashley Bardhan

“It feels like being punished for being poor,” Overwatch player …more

Minecraft is getting a new mob – but it’s up …more (Callum Bains)

Multiplayer gameplay and procedurally generated environments will feature in the …more


[ I Ate] oysters!!

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[ I Ate] oysters!!

submitted by …more

Roya Backlund

Every 28 days, the full moon makes its grand entrance …more

Maggie Ryan

Image Source: Lauren Wade


Baba Ganoush

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Alyssa Rivers

Enjoy a bowl of this homemade baba ganoush dip with …more

India Yaffe

We can feel the cool fall breeze, the leaves changing, …more


Black Swan tackles sports science

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Mark Beyer

A new production marks an intersection between theatre, sport and …more

Cointelegraph By Stephen Katte

The executives say traditional jobs are increasingly at risk through …more

Anthony Ailemen

Peter Obi

The Presidency has denied claims that supporters of the Labour …more

Iwok Iniobong


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released a list …more

Cointelegraph By Luke Huigsloot

In a survey commissioned by Coda Labs, 6,921 people from …more


Michelle Liew

Vespa GTS

Check out the latest Vespa GTS, GTS Super, GTS SuperSport …more

2023 Triumph Rocket 3 R/GT

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Kent Kunitsugu

Excellent fit and finish, impressive performance and handling, and an imposing look all come together to make the Triumph Rocket 3 an impressive motorcycle.

Excellent fit and finish, impressive performance and handling, and an …more

Amanda Quick

With 007 – beloved James Bond, aka., actor Daniel Craig …more

Bill and Susan Dragoo

Eastern Oklahoma

One of the Green Country Oklahoma Adventure Tour’s (GOAT) most …more

Riding Gear Review: Rev’it! Volcano Gloves

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Geoff Baldwin

These are the Rev’it! Volcano gloves. They are part of …more

Rider Magazine Staff

Yamaha YDX-MORO 05

2023 Yamaha YDX-MORO 05 in Forest Green. MSRP is $5,799.99.


David E. Sanger and Ben Hubbard

OPEC’s decision to curb oil production was a signal that …more

Patrick Kingsley

Yom Kippur, the holiest day in Judaism, brings Israel to …more

Tribune News Service

The Mets gave their fans plenty to cheer for in …more

A source familiar with the litigation said the two sides …more

Simon Thomas has announced that his wife Derrina has given …more

Vivian Chow

A Riverside County man and a Texas woman have been …more


Helicopter Parking

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Stu Davidson

Daily Photo – Helicopter Parking

Sometimes it’s just easier to …more

Cee Neuner

Welcome to my Flower of the Day Challenge (FOTD).  During …more

Dan Havlik

Show Promo Image

Sometimes simple is the way to go, particularly …more

Ron Leach

Show Promo Image

As an avid photographer, paying close attention to …more

Ben Dreith

Wellesley Science building outdoor staircase

Architecture studio SOM has redeveloped a science complex in …more

Ron Leach

Show Promo Image

The quickest way to fall into a creative …more

Jenna McKnight

Jensen Architects

US studio Jensen Architects has updated and expanded a …more


Wael Abdelgawad

Tonight: A debate with a Christian, a woman flees abuse, …more

Ben Lorber

Below is the second of a two-part report on the …more

In Honor of “Masjid Uncles”

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Zainab bint Younus

subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He)

“Masjid uncles” often get a bad rap: portrayed as grumpy …more

Ben Lorber

“Most people can’t even articulate a political thought. Like, why …more

Eric C. Miller

In the course of his remarks to the Family Research …more

Wael Abdelgawad

Icer gun

Yasin Rahman must battle to the death against an invisible …more



Roger Montti

Five technology companies will work together in the new Speech …more

Neil Patel

What Is Find Places Through Reviews?

If you’re a local business that wants nearby customers to …more

Brian Frederick

The lawsuit filed by the state of Arizona alleged the …more

Roger Montti

Twitter announces two updates that will improve the ability to …more

Matt G. Southern

In a series of updates to Instagram advertising, the app …more

Tony Wright

What do you do when you have multiple cluster posts …more

Ashwin Balakrishnan

While Google still doesn’t show you which ad showed for …more


Taylor Leamey

Anxiety can have a real impact on your ability to …more

Sean Keane

The Disney Plus Star Wars shows brings Cassian deeper into …more

Adidas Sale- Extra 33% off

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Adidas has a nice promo code available to save an …more

Zachary McAuliffe

Can’t decide on whether to tweet an image or a …more

Giselle Castro-Sloboda

The popular fitness brand revolutionizes the traditional rowing machine with …more


Tom Ruminski

The Kansas City Royals parted ways with manager …more

Vikas Singh Derek

India is set to lock horns with South Africa in …more

Vikas Singh Derek

South Africa

After the defeat in the T20I series, …more

Chicco Nacion

The Golden State Warriors are seriously considering disciplinary …more

Tennis World USA

Serena and Venus Williams recently attended the Alice in Chains …more

Tennis World USA

Day of celebration and sport at the Marco Simone Golf …more


Dr Mike Simms, curator of natural sciences at National Museums …more

The first children’s climate trial in US history will start …more

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered a hacker compromising cryptocurrency scam sites …more

The accelerator, which stands taller than the Statue of Liberty, …more (Luke Hughes)

The White House have released a blueprint for …more

SHOPPING: Act fast as Apple rarely reduce tech! Pick up …more


Going on a vacation might seem like a rather unconventional …more

Bouillon: A Country Kitchen in the City

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Annie Etheridge

Le Mistral, as the strong northwesterly wind is known here …more

Move over London. Step aside New York. There’s a new …more

ThePlanetD Team

Traditional Portuguese Food

Visiting Portugal is lovely for many reasons. But the delicious …more

At first glance Izmir looks very much like any other …more

Sofia Bogunovic

Cool company event

Question 4: What tools and facilities will help achieve the goals of this meeting?

Not all meetings are created equal. Some don’t really require much more than the presence and attention of the meeting participants. Others, on the other hand, will need tools to help move the process along. Things like whiteboards or TVs for people to share screens or presentations can go a long way towards making a meeting more productive or creative.

That’s why a simple meeting that doesn’t need any props can easily take place online. However, your more intricate strategy or brainstorming sessions will inevitably benefit from a conference room or meeting room that can provide the right space with the right tools.

This is also important to think about if you have a more distributed team where some colleagues are able to meet in person, while others live in a different city or country. Most modern offices and coworking spaces will have the equipment needed to facilitate a hybrid meeting, but it’s worth keeping in mind to make sure all participants are included.

Question 5: Is there a way to take this meeting to the next level?

One of the greatest benefits of in-person meetings is the ability to build meaningful business relationships. Whether that’s with a client or among team members, face-to-face meetings bring with them something that online meetings simply can’t – the opportunity to get to know your counterpart on a more personal level.

At a meeting in real life, you’re able to read a person’s facial expressions and body language in a way you can’t through a videoconferencing tool. You’re able to sense their mood, understand their humor, and engage in casual small talk in a much more natural and intuitive way than online. That’s why thinking about how you can add this social component to a meeting and kick it up a notch is an awesome way to add value to this interaction.

For example, why not think about running one weekly team catch-up a month over lunch or at the end of the day leading to after-work drinks? You could also think about taking your department offsite for the day for a little bit of

In a distributed world, it can be difficult to make …more